Buying a luggage cover to protect your suitcase is always a good idea. It’s no secret that your luggage gets tossed around during travel. Between bouncing around luggage carousels to being thrown into airplane bellies to being stuffed into overhead compartments, your bag takes a beating. Inevitably, your bag will suffer from a series of dents and scratches. 

 Luggage covers help shield your bags from some of this excessive wear and tear and act as secondary skin. In addition to providing protection, luggage covers help make your bag easily identifiable in the sea of luggage. 

 If you’re not convinced yet of the benefits of a luggage cover, it’s also important to note that they serve to keep dust accumulating on your bags when not in use.

 So, whatever the benefit is you seek out the most, or maybe the combination of them all, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best luggage covers to protect your suitcase.

Does a Luggage Cover Really Work or is it Just a Myth?

The short answer is yes; luggage covers do work. They provide travelers with several benefits at minimum cost. They protect your suitcase from cosmetic damage, act as identifying markers, and help to keep them from getting dirty. With a price tag as low as some of the options we’ve provided, what more could you ask for?

Comparing PVC vs. Spandex Covers

The two primary materials you’ll find luggage covers made from are PVC and spandex. Depending on your taste, you might have a preference over the other.


Sometimes, more costly suitcases have PVC covers that come with them, but otherwise, you can easily purchase one separately. PVC covers are known for being incredibly thick and waterproof while still being very lightweight. PVC luggage covers are easy to unzip, making your belongings quick to reach out of your suitcase.

 While PVC covers have their benefits, they, unfortunately, don’t always fit all suitcases snugly, leaving some corners compromised.


Spandex is another popular favorite because they are easily customizable. Luggage covers that are made with Spandex act similarly to a T-shirt, offering a very snug fit. Often they have proper cutouts, so wheels and handles are still able to function correctly.

 Unlike PVC, Spandex can suffer damage when going through airport security. Baggage handlers needing to access your items for security checks are known not to be the most gentle. Since spandex covers tend to be more challenging to remove, this, unfortunately, poses a threat to your cover and suitcase.

What to Look for When Choosing a Luggage Cover

Before you go running out picking the first luggage cover you can find, make sure to take careful consideration to a few elements. First, you’ll want to ensure the cover fits snugly over your bag, so be sure to take accurate measurements of your bag. 

 Next, be aware that there are all different design types out there for your choosing. There is a luggage cover for you, from solid colors to minimalists’ appeal to whacky designs for those who like to stand out.

 Regardless of your bag size or design preference, our picks all are less than $20 each, which means protecting your bags doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Our Top Picks for Luggage Covers

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best luggage covers currently on the market.

Best PVC Cover: Yotako Clear PVC Suitcase Cover

The Yotako clear PVC suitcase comes in three different sizes and serves to protect your bags from any unnecessary scratches, stains, or messes. The PVC material is 0.2mm thick and acts as a waterproof shield while still being wholly reusable and foldable for easy storage when not in use. The cover closes on the bottom of your bag with a hook and loop closure that is simple to install and remove when needed.

 For current pricing, click here: Yotako Clear PVC Cover

Best Spandex Luggage Cover: HoJax Spandex Travel Luggage Cover

The HoJax spandex travel luggage cover comes in four different sizes and five different designs, ensuring you can customize your bag specifically to your liking while keeping it protected. This luggage cover is 92% polyester and 8% spandex with double-stitching, which keeps the stretch fit and full of elasticity. All HoJax covers are suitable to fit several commonly used brands such as Samsonite, TravelPro, etc. 

Shop this item here: HoJax Spandex Luggage Cover

Most Trendy Best Designs: Explore Land Travel Luggage Cover

Explore Land’s travel luggage cover comes in four different sizes and eight different fun designs to make sure you can quickly identify your bag apart from the others at the baggage carousel. With 85% polyester and 15% spandex, this heavy-duty cover has extra vivid brightness in its design. Built with durability and easily machine washable, this is an outstanding luggage cover option for anyone who likes to stand out.

For current pricing, click here: Land Travel Luggage Cover

Best Overall Luggage Protector: HoJax Waterproof Luggage Protector

The HoJax waterproof luggage protector material consists of a new spandex technology blended with a partially waterproof and machine-washable polyester. The cover is carefully crafted with double-stitching to ensure a snug fit throughout your travels. There are two different closure options, either zipper or velcro, to make sure you choose a cover that works best for you.

For current prices, click here: HoJax Waterproof Luggage Protector

Final Thoughts

Help your bland suitcase to more appropriately match your personality while protecting it from external elements with the help of a luggage cover. In the end, you’ll help to extend the life of your bag and be able to identify it quickly coming out of the luggage carousel.

 The only downside to using a luggage cover is TSA’s possibility to get through them to do a random bag check. Some covers can be trickier than others to temporarily remove or adjust to get into your bag, while others seem to have that quality figured out. If that is a high priority to you, be sure to note that when searching for your top pick.

 In the end, at such a low cost to purchase, luggage covers are an excellent option for any traveler. It is difficult to deny the benefits outweighing the pitfalls with this purchase.

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