If the woman in your life loves to travel, finding the perfect gift to accompany her on her journey will make the adventures more memorable. The best gifts for travelers make life easy while on the road, add some comfort and safety, or even give them a piece of home to take along for the ride. 

Finding unique travel gifts to give to that special someone or family member shouldn’t be a challenge.  We at Prep4travel have done the research for you. We have put together  a comprehensive yet useful list of the best gifts for travelers, especially that passionate travel loving female(s) in your life. Check out these travel gifts for women to give to the wanderlust girl in your life.


Travel Safety Door Stop/Alarm

If the travel-loving woman in your life loves solo adventures, consider getting her a safety doorstop and alarm. This portable stopper comes in a set of three and can act as a door stopper or hold a door open. When someone tries to open the door, the alarm will go off, emitting a loud, shrill tone to scare off any intruder. 

This stopper works for hotel rooms, VRBO’s, or anywhere else she would want privacy and safety at all times. 


Travel Journal

There’s no better way to document a memorable journey than with a travel journal. If your lovely lady likes to write and share stories of her adventures, this journal is the go-to gift. 

Dedicated primarily for travel, this journal includes several necessary sections for the wanderlust journalist: 

  • World map to mark destinations
  • Trip itinerary and planner section
  • Spaces to highlight great food, mishaps, and more
  • Photo placeholders and an additional back pocket for more keepsakes
  • Notes for future reference, including a takeaways section for each trip

Tula Probiotic Skin Care Travel Kit

This Tula probiotic skincare travel kit is one of the best travel gift ideas for traveling women who want to keep their skin glowing and radiant while on the road. The kit includes travel-size tubes that you can carry on to planes without checking them in baggage. 

The Tula travel kit comes with a face cleanser, day and night moisturizer, sugar scrub, and face primer. Every item is made with probiotics and superfood ingredients to ensure healthy and balanced skin. 


Travel Manicure Set

No woman wants to get caught with a broken nail or messy cuticles while traveling in a new state or country. This travel manicure set is one of the best travel gifts for her, so she’ll always have clean and beautiful nails for the perfect coffee or ice cream photo. 

This manicure set comes with 12 pieces to take care of the hands, feet, and face. It includes several types of clippers and a pair of tweezers. Everything is in one place with this kit, so there’s no worry that she’ll forget something.


Briggs & Riley Hanging Toiletry Kit - Plum Color

This Briggs & Riley hanging toiletry kit is another self-care kit that women love to pack in their overnight bags. She’ll be able to keep all her necessary grooming items in one place, including her manicure kit and skincare essentials!

This bag hangs on door handles, hooks, and even hangers and features three sections in a trifold design. When it’s time to hit the road, the bag folds up and fits into a suitcase or backpack for easy storage. It also comes in a lovely plum color!


Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

A foldable yoga mat is a great gift idea for any wanderlust yogi. Unfolded, the mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. When practice is done, it folds into a handheld square that you can pack away into any tight space. 

The mat weighs two pounds and is about a quarter-inch thick. Your traveling lady can use it at the beach, on the grass, or in her hotel room. Choose from seven different colors to match her personality, too.  


Portable Travel Jewelry Box

If the woman in your life can’t leave home without her favorite necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, buy her a portable jewelry box. This compact and elegant box features a velvet interior with ring rolls, three compartments, and a pouch. It zips snugly together and keeps jewelry from bouncing around during travel. 

This travel jewelry box comes in several stylish colors with a beautiful faux leather exterior. It can fit into a purse, backpack, or pocket of a large suitcase. 


Pushpin Travel Map

Has your travel enthusiast been to several countries and is tracking more every year? This pushpin travel map not only makes for an excellent wall decoration but lets her track everywhere she’s been using colored push pins. 

The map measures about 27 inches high and 29 inches wide. It can go above your office desk, the fireplace mantle, or anywhere your family wants to show off their memorable travels. You can personalize the map with a message of love or inspiration and choose from eight frame colors. 


Kindle Paperwhite

Never bring a pile of books on your travels again! A Kindle Paperwhite is a beautiful travel gift idea for any lady that loves to read while traversing by train, plane, or automobile—or simply relaxing on the beach. The thin and light design fits just about anywhere, and the glare-free screen looks like actual paper. 

This Kindle can store up to eight GB of downloaded books, but you can upgrade for more if she has a vast collection. The waterproof design ensures you can read by the pool or near the ocean without worry.


Universal Travel Adapter

Whether she’s a backpacker or businesswoman journeying around Europe or Asia, a universal travel adapter can be a lifesaver. This adapter works with plugs in 150 countries, including New Zealand, China, Peru, and more. Safety shutters on the device keep fingers safe while plugging in, but it doesn’t convert the electrical output. 

This nifty adapter features five inputs, including two USB ports. She can charge all her devices at once without needing multiple adapters. It also comes with a 24-month limited warranty in case something needs replacement. 

Travel Clean Hygiene Kit

In the age of COVID, every traveler has become more aware of their surroundings. By purchasing a travel clean hygiene kit, she will feel safe and comfortable, leaving those dirt and germs behind.

Great for traveling overseas, or sending that loved one off to college.

Each kit is 100% disposable and includes:

  • seat shield
  • medical grade face mask
  • disposable rubber gloves
  • breathable booties/shoe coverings
  • sanitizing wipes


Travel Document Organizer

Keeping your passport, visas, money, and other important travel documents is critical, especially during long layovers at the airport and getting through customs. This travel document organizer will ensure your loved one keeps everything in one spot to ensure nothing goes missing. 

This organizer comes with six passport-sized pockets, two boarding pass pockets, a zipped coin pouch, two zippered cash pockets, a phone pocket, slots for pens, and more. It’s also water-resistant and RFID-protected to avoid identity theft.


Travel Purse/Messenger Bag

This crossbody compact messenger bag fits everything you need for a long day of sightseeing. It comes in a sleek black color and an adjustable strap for ultimate comfort. This bag features a double-zip entry to the main compartment on the exterior, which ensures safety in crowded areas. 

The front also has a locking zipper pocket, an open quick access back pocket, and a monogrammed leather key ring. Inside, there is an open pocket, four card pockets for easy access, and a key leash, so keys don’t go missing at the bottom of the bag.



How to Travel the World on $50/Day

If the traveling woman in your life is always looking for the best budget tips, give her a gift to spark her inspiration. This book, “How to Travel the World on $50/Day,” offers readers the best tips and tricks to travel when you have, well, no money. 

She’ll learn how to get cheap (and even free) plane tickets, avoid paying bank fees in foreign countries, and even earn thousands of frequent flier points without spending hundreds of dollars on flights. 



Travel Neck Scarf

This travel neck scarf is comfy, stylish, and fantastic for traveling if you don’t want to be weighed down by many bags. This bamboo and polyester combination scarf is not only warm and comfortable, but it has secret pockets to safely store money, keys, and more. 

She can wear it as an infinity scarf, a long looped scarf, or even as a crossbody bag. It’s an ideal accessory for long flights, especially when you don’t want to keep digging through your purse for a passport or credit card.




Portable Charger

A portable charger will ensure any adventurer’s phone or other devices stay fully charged in transit. This INIU power bank has two USB ports and a USB-C port that fits newer smartphones. You can charge up to three devices at ultra-high speeds. 

At its full charge, this portable power bank has enough juice to charge an iPhone three times and an Android at least two times. You can also charge AirPods, smartwatches, and other Bluetooth headphones with ease. 


Portable Day Pack

A portable day pack is a fantastic travel gift idea for the hiker in your life. This lightweight backpack fits into a wallet-sized pouch for easy transport to and from the trailhead. Don’t let the lightweight fool you. This day pack can hold up to 22 pounds in weight, including water bottles, sunscreen, and extra clothes. 

This pack features a water-resistant material to ensure everything inside stays dry. The large side mesh pockets let you carry loads of water to stay hydrated. In case your hiker isn’t satisfied, the company offers a 12-month warranty. 


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a must for any frequent flier, whether it’s to block out infant cries or mute the seatmate listening to heavy metal on full blast. These Philips wireless earbuds are the perfect travel mate. With active noise-canceling technology and voice assistance, they’ll keep you entertained and undisturbed for hours. 

At full charge, these sleek black headphones offer up to 15 hours of audio time. They feature a neckband design that’s comfortable around your neck and earlobes and easy to carry when you’re not actively using them.


Convenience Travel Pack

Suppose your adventurous lady always forgets to pack shampoo, toothbrush, or other essential grooming items. In that case, this convenient travel pack will ensure that it never happens again. This adorable floral bag comes with TSA-approved items of everything she needs for a weekend trip, including: 

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Razor
  • Loofah
  • Comb
  • Q-tips and cotton swabs
  • Face wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Nail file
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

Paired with the travel manicure kit, this pack ensures your wanderlust has everything she needs in one spot. The kit packs into a small carry-on, so it’s easy to freshen up on long flights, too. 


100 Hikes of a Lifetime

If the woman you’re shopping for loves hiking, this book, “100 Hikes of a Lifetime,” will inspire her to find the most scenic hikes in the world to traverse. This hardcover book features photos from National Geographic, so you’ll feel like you’re on the trail as you flip through the pages. 

The book covers day-long and multi-week treks through the world’s most beautiful regions, from Costa Rica to Alaska. Included is information on how challenging each trail is, what you’ll need for the trip, and the most exciting parts.


Travel Scratch Map

This scratch-off travel map will let your loved one keep track of her adventures. This 24 by 36-inch poster can hang on the wall and matches various types of room decor. The map is so detailed that you can see every single country. It also features provinces and states, so you can go one-by-one.

When she returns from a trip, she can easily scratch off her latest location and reveal a colorful layer. As she scratches off more countries, a myriad of colors will brighten up the map.


Traveling Gift Time?

Adventurous women will love any gifts for travelers that make the journey easy or give them a unique way to remember their trip. Whatever you decide to give her, it’ll be something she’ll love and cherish. 

Whether it’s a detailed journal or a convenient travel kit, each of the above travel gifts for women will put a smile on your loved one’s face and give her more reason to hit the road again and do what she loves to do.