The expectations that come with going on vacation have changed a lot in the last couple of years. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and all the odd employment scenarios that come with a global pandemic, the idea of traveling or even cruising might seem impossible. But the fact is, the cruise industry will bounce back, and a cruise to nowhere might be just the ticket.

Now it’s certainly worth mentioning that the United States banned cruises to nowhere a few years back. No doubt the decision was politically and monetarily based. The government not collecting taxes for port fees and so on. It is however still legal in other parts of the world. We also have recommendations for cruises that are as close to a cruise to nowhere based out of the US, as you can find.

What is a Cruise to Nowhere?

A Cruise to Nowhere is a short two or three-day cruise that does not land on any destination port. Instead, cruises to nowhere act like luxurious ocean hotels, places where you can relax and unwind without any vacation goals.

Cruise Industry Recovery

Through a combination of endeavors, cruise lines are determined to make each upcoming cruise as safe as they could be. Testing all passengers and staff before boarding, only allowing those vaccinated on board, and bringing cruise ships up to impeccable rates of cleanliness are examples of the combined strategies for cruise ship safety.

With these measures in place, cruise lines are confident that recovery is imminent.

Why They Are Popular Right Now

Because of the continuous Covid-19 restrictions, travel is extremely limited but slowly bouncing back. Even if you follow all the rules and take every precaution available, traveling might not be worth the risk or effort.

This is where the appeal for cruises to nowhere comes in. Going on a cruise has always been a relaxing vacation experience. But Cruises to Nowhere combines vacation and relaxation with pandemic safety. If you never make port, you can’t possibly spread or catch the virus to or from any destination.

Moreover, if everyone on the cruise has been tested before boarding, there isn’t much harm to a group of Covid-negative people sailing aimlessly in the ocean. A Cruise to Nowhere offers the freedom of vacation and without the worry of contracting the virus.

What You Can Do on a Cruise to Nowhere

Even if you never set foot on international shores, sailing into international waters doesn’t have to be boring. A cruise ship is filled with plenty of activities and events to take part in, and also offers many services similar to a hotel:

  • Complimentary room service
  • Gyms, running tracks, pools
  • Good food
  • Spa service, saunas
  • Theater shows, live bands
  • Casinos, karaoke, and bars

The Cruise to Nowhere Difference

A Cruise to Nowhere sails the ocean and only makes port when the trip is over. It gives travelers a chance to enjoy the experience of being on a boat and the beauty of the ocean.

Though they might not take you to various locations and locales, a Cruise to Nowhere offers total relaxation because there is only one objective: pampered existence on a boat. These cruises allow for total rejuvenation and a brief disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

Shorter Cruise to Start?

Finding a cruise to nowhere departing from a US port will be a challenge. If you are itching to get back to cruising but still on the fence regarding safety protocols and procedures, we recommend a shorter 2-5 day cruise that only stops at one port (and you don’t have to get off). Carnival and Princess both offer these shorter cruises that disembark from different Florida ports. Some of the more popular shorter cruises leave out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and only have one quick stop in the Bahamas. Royal Caribbean also offers a handful of short 2-5 day cruises disembarking from southern Florida.

Time to Cruise?

In this Covid-ridden climate, Cruises to Nowhere offer a potential, safe version of escape. Even if you don’t make port, there are plenty of things to do onboard a cruise ship. Cruises to Nowhere provide a hotel-like stay in an ocean environment so you can relax and unwind for your ideal vacation. 

We recommend you check out to narrow down your choices. They have a professional staff and every sort of cruise option you can hope for.