• Very spacious compartment
  • Classy, lightweight design
  • Comes with 10-year limited warranty
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Robust 360-degree wheels


  • Hardshell case can get scratched quite easily

The luggage we choose on our trips is a vital item. They can make or break our entire experience if they are not spacious enough or simply too cumbersome to take with us. As a result, it’s a core piece, both for frequent travelers and people who go on holiday once or twice per year. We decided to introduce you to the Kenneth Cole Reaction, which comes with pretty impressive features, starting with a 10-year warranty!

Table of Contents

  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage
  • Who is This Luggage for?
  • What’s included?
  • Overview of Features
  • How to Get the Most out of Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage
  • Alternative
  • Decision Time?

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage is designed for the modern traveler. Its main features revolve around comfort and convenience. It is part of the Out of Bounds excellent collection, which does not only score high on durability, but the design also makes a true statement. It is lightweight, durable, and backed up by an impressive 10-year limited warranty and an affordable price tag

Who is This Luggage for?

This product is both easy to handle and durable, so it fits any preferences and needs. Whether it is a 3-week long trip or a quick weekend getaway, Kenneth Cole Reaction packs in the needed features to make your traveling as smooth as possible. Furthermore, it’s also suitable for anyone on a budget, given the attractive price point.

One piece of luggage is enough for one person for approximately one week’s worth of clothes and items, but it can also be paired with any other size available. This recommends it for individual use, a couple’s trip, or even a small family, as additional luggage can be purchased separately.

What’s included?

This is a 2-piece set which includes 20” and 28” luggage, ideal for a couple, but the products can also be customized, either by adding another 24” to the mix or by purchasing each item separately.

Overview of Features

Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage comes with a classy design and a fully lined, spacious interior. There are molded corner guard reinforcements, ensuring durability and resistance to impacts, keeping all of your belongings safe.

There are also restraints which ensure that your contents remain in place, while the molded side feet keep the piece upright on the side. The spacious interior compartment also has a front lid with a large U-shaped zipper, so you can pack your items on both sides, saving space.

The handle has a retractable push-button made of sturdy materials and is made of durable yet lightweight aluminum. It can be collapsed and maneuvered with only one hand for maximum comfort.

Furthermore, the luggage has 4-wheel spinners, which are designed for any type of terrain and allow for a 360-degree rotation. This means that no matter if you are in a rush or not, the luggage offers complete stability and ease of use. Another great aspect is that the luggage’s maximum mobility relieves the unwanted pressure on your shoulders, making sure that you reach your destination as relaxed as you left.

The luggage set combines style and function, with a lightweight and dependable design. What is even better, the collection is protected by a 10-year limited warranty, backing up its quality.

The shell is protective due to the durable, hard materials it is made of. The zippers, similarly, are long-lasting, ensuring consistency throughout the entire trip. Despite this, the construction remains as light as ever, which is extremely important when you travel by plane and you want to avoid airport fees for extra weight.

How to Get the Most out of Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage

There are no special requirements for this product. It is durable, safe, and it can be used conveniently at any time. It is resistant to wear and tear due to the hard case enclosure. However, the drawback of the hard shell is that it could get scratched during airport handling.

The luggage has the ideal dimensions to fit carry-on airline restrictions, but there is still enough to hold all of your items for a whole week. The zipper holds strong, so it’s ideal to use it for professional business trips, or simply along with your family on your holidays.


If you think this product is not what you’re looking for, we recommend the Delsey Paris Chatelet Luggage. For a slightly higher price, this is one of the best pieces you could have with you on your trip. The case is made of materials that are highly resilient to breaking or cracking, and it has a fashionable faux leather accent.

Decision Time?

All in all, Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage is a must-have set for any individual, couple, or small family. Their products are affordable, and the set is available in several combinations, ensuring that you get high value for your money. The product is durable yet lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort during your travels.