In the realm of travel, the right gear can mean the difference between a journey filled with seamless exploration and one fraught with challenges. Enter Boundary Supply Company, a name synonymous with innovation, quality, and a passion for redefining the way we approach adventure. With their groundbreaking modular travel systems, Boundary Supply has revolutionized the art of packing, offering a versatile solution that caters to travelers of all kinds.

Whether you’re an avid hiker seeking rugged durability, a photography enthusiast with a penchant for organization, or a globetrotter embarking on a whirlwind tour, Boundary Supply’s modular systems stand as the pinnacle of travel gear engineering. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why these meticulously designed packs have captured the hearts of adventurers worldwide, ensuring that every journey becomes a seamless blend of functionality, style, and adaptability. From epic hiking expeditions to weekend getaways, Boundary Supply’s modular approach to travel gear is set to transform the way you explore the world.

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Why Boundary Supply Prima System?

Camera Enthusiasts

Boundary Supply Prima Exterior

Boundary Supply Prima Interior

Storage Capacity

Value for Money

The Arris System

The Rennen System

The Errant System

Boundary Supply Prima Time?

Why Boundary Supply Prima System?

The Boundary Supply Prima System stands out as the quintessential travel companion for photographers and tech enthusiasts alike, offering a seamless blend of adaptability and functionality. Its ingenious design caters to the unique needs of those who demand versatility and efficiency in their gear.

At its core, the Prima System is defined by its adaptable storage and modular components, engineered to simplify the task of carrying your personal, photographic, and technological essentials. This system’s brilliance lies in its ability to seamlessly transition between roles, effortlessly accommodating the ever-changing demands of your journey.

With a capacious 30-liter volume, the modular backpack ensures that you’ll never run out of space. Whether it’s DSLRs, lenses, drones, or other sizable equipment, the Prima System provides a secure and organized home for it all. Moreover, the padded laptop sleeve offers a safeguarded sanctuary for your technological lifeline, ensuring that your devices remain protected and accessible throughout your travels.

What truly sets the Prima System apart is its thoughtful inclusion of a dedicated camera case and laptop sleeve, which can be employed both independently and in conjunction with the Prima backpack. This means that when the need arises, you have the flexibility to expand your storage capacity and enhance functionality, providing you with an unmatched level of versatility on the go.

In essence, the Boundary Supply Prima System isn’t merely a bag; it’s a meticulously crafted solution designed to revolutionize the way you approach travel, photography, and technology. Its seamless integration of adaptable storage and modular components ensures that, regardless of the journey ahead, you’ll be equipped to face it head-on with ease and confidence. Elevate your travel experience with the ultimate in carry solutions – the Prima System. This not so everyday backpack is also available in durable and waterproof material, a great backpack and extremely durable for all outdoor environments.


Camera Enthusiasts

For a photography enthusiast, having the right gear is the linchpin of capturing exceptional moments. It’s the difference between a mediocre shot and a masterpiece that resonates with viewers. The choice of equipment directly impacts one’s ability to explore creative boundaries and achieve technical precision. This is where the Boundary Supply Prima system for travel emerges as the quintessential companion. Its modular accessories allow for a tailored approach to gear organization, ensuring every piece has its designated place. The quick access camera compartment means that crucial moments are never missed, allowing for seamless transitions between setups.

As a modular system, it adapts to the specific needs of digital nomads, providing an adaptable and reliable solution for carrying both photography equipment and essential tech gear. The Prima travel system isn’t just luggage; it’s a strategic asset that empowers photographers to transcend limitations and unleash their creative potential. With Boundary Supply, every shot is an opportunity to craft a visual masterpiece.

Boundary Supply Prima Exterior

The Prima Backpack boasts distinct features that set it apart. The prominent full-length single rail zipper and dual magnetic outer clips immediately catch the eye. The innovative lift-upward action of the clips, coupled with the fold-over closure of the zipper at the top, ensures exceptional security, safeguarding your belongings from potential pickpockets. This bag’s design is far from ordinary, making any attempt to tamper with it conspicuous. The top lid houses a clever pocket, concealing a magnetically sealed inner pouch lined with Water Resistant Nywool™, providing an added layer of protection and comfort for your items. The YKK Stormguard® zippers throughout the bag are effortlessly smooth, and their weather sealing never hinders usage. When combined with the robust Barricade™ DWR coated Nylon, the bag attains an impressive level of water resistance. While the Prima Backpack is well-equipped to endure heavy downpours and waterfall adventures, it’s important to note that it isn’t meant to double as a flotation device or accompany you for a swim.

On one side, you’ll find a standard bottle pouch that conveniently doubles as a travel tripod holder, complete with a discreet hidden strap at the top. Additionally, a cleverly concealed pocket is integrated within the bottle pouch for added storage. The bag also features straps along the base for attaching a tripod. On the opposite side, you’ll find the entry point to the Verge Case when it’s mounted inside the Prima Backpack. This bag adheres to the modern preference for a large side access point on camera bags, allowing easy access without the hassle of a top flap.

To complement the rugged nature of this bag, it boasts a robust top handle emblazoned with the Boundary logo, a smaller grab handle on the side, and well-cushioned back straps securely attached beneath a smooth protective layer. The removable waist strap also serves as a shoulder strap for the Verge Case, offering versatility for external use or as a standalone day pack. The Prima Backpack features Boundary’s LFT™ EVA foam on the back, providing substantial padding for added comfort and breathability, ensuring a balanced load distribution. This padding also extends external protection for the laptop pouch, which is conveniently accessible from the top of the bag. This is also where you’ll find the Fieldspace storage. In essence, the Prima Backpack seamlessly marries style, functionality, and comfort, making it a standout choice for discerning photographers and adventurers alike.

Exterior Features:

  • RFID safehouse hidden pocket

  • premium shoulder bag pads for relaxed carry

  • water bottle pocket

  • side access pocket and other hidden pockets for storage

  • amazing travel backpack which is great for longer travel or shorter weekend trips

  • multiple access points through exterior pockets

  • padded top through grab handle

  • premium exterior fabric

  • sternum strap

Boundary Supply Prima Interior

The Prima Backpack prioritizes spaciousness over internal compartmentalization, focusing on accommodating a generous volume of items. Inside, there’s a discreet zipper pocket on one side, a deep mesh pocket on the other, a sizable soft pouch (ideal for a laptop or documents), and an RFID-secured pocket on the inner side access door.

This expansive interior allows for convenient loading of large items or stowing numerous smaller ones. For efficient packing, it’s recommended to complement it with Boundary Supply’s available packing tools. The ability to lay the bag flat and unzip it entirely simplifies the packing process compared to inserting items from the top. However, the true standout feature of the Prima Backpack’s interior lies in its compatibility with the Verge Case.

The interior sidewall of the backpack features two securely built-in button points, while two more are strategically positioned on the inside of the side entry door. This ingenious design allows unzipping the outer zipper to simultaneously open both the backpack and the case. It ensures a secure attachment of the Verge Case inside the Prima Backpack, effectively creating an internal padded camera cube.

If you prefer, you can leave the shoulder strap attached to the Verge Case, especially if it was previously utilized externally. Alternatively, you have the option to remove it, reducing any potential interior clutter and bulk. This thoughtful integration enhances the versatility and functionality of the Prima Backpack, making it an ideal choice for photographers and adventurers seeking a streamlined and organized packing solution.

Interior Features:

  • padded laptop compartment that is removable

  • tech sleeve for wired components

  • detachable travel organizer

  • fits interior mesh pouches

  • document sleeve

  • heavy duty material

  • fits overhead bins

  • immediate access points for convenience

Storage Capacity

The Boundary Supply Prima Backpack is impressively sleek for its capacity, allowing you to carry a substantial load even before expanding it. If you’re one to embark on day trips or longer journeys with heavier gear, this bag proves to be a perfect fit.

By utilizing the Verge Case on the exterior and fully extending both it and the Prima Backpack, you can comfortably accommodate up to 41 liters of gear, plus a tripod. When combined with another of Boundary Supply’s packing solutions, you can manage around 47 liters or more—an astonishing feat.

In our assessment, we opted for a more practical loadout, steering clear of showcasing the sheer volume of possessions that could potentially fit in. 

The Fieldspace seamlessly clips into the rear section of the bag, where you’ll also discover the dedicated laptop pouch. We could effortlessly slide in a 13″ Macbook Air, while the front pockets had ample room for a couple of USB hard drives and an assortment of charger cables.

There’s a magnetic-lidded pouch designed to snugly hold the compact 13″ laptop, along with another sleeve suitable for A4-sized documents, magazines, or booklets. The Verge Case is thoughtfully designed to house a Canon 5D MKiii with a 24-70mm lens attached, with extra space for spare batteries, memory cards, and additional accessories.

If you’re a mirrorless shooter, rest assured, a Sony A7iii with a Tamron 28-75mm attached can comfortably fit, and there’s even room for a Samyang 35mm f/1.4 alongside another lens. We recommend investing in dividers to keep your lenses securely in place, preventing any unwanted movement.

The Verge Case further features two mesh pockets stitched into the lid, along with an outer zip pocket perfectly sized for a phone or a slim USB battery pack. Even with all the aforementioned items loaded, the Prima Backpack still offers a generous amount of interior space. We tucked a jacket at the bottom under the Verge Case and placed the rest of our cables and essentials on top, all without the need to expand the bag.

Additionally, the backpack boasts a top-access laptop pocket at the back, capable of accommodating laptops up to 17″ in size, even when the Fieldspace is fully loaded. We had no issues fitting the Fieldspace with the items mentioned above, alongside a 15″ gaming laptop.

When you unzip the rear section, it opens wide, allowing for easy insertion of a laptop or unhindered access to unclip the Fieldspace. A nifty magnetic keyclip can also be found tucked away in the top lid pocket. It detaches effortlessly when needed and securely fastens back in place when not in use.

However, it’s worth noting that the black paint on the keyring is susceptible to scratching when attaching keys. Nevertheless, it remains incredibly useful, especially for those prone to misplacing keys within their bags.

Value for Money

The price set by Boundary Supply for the basic kit of this bag strikes me as reasonable. It’s impressively durable and comes in a well-proportioned package. While there are design choices that don’t align perfectly with my preferences, considering the overall quality and value it offers as a whole, we are quite satisfied with it. It’s certainly well-suited for both the daily commute and the next adventure.

For those seeking more than the basic kit, Boundary Supply offers several predefined customizable packages. These bundles come with additional packing solutions at a discounted rate compared to purchasing them separately. They’ve been thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Prima System in various ways.

Additionally, Boundary Supply has introduced an X-Pac variant of the Prima System, known for its exceptional durability. This option comes at a higher cost, but it’s worth it for the added toughness, featuring Kevlar Fiber X-Ply. If the standard Prima System wasn’t already prepared for anything, this takes it to the next level.

For individuals engaging in serious, demanding activities, the X-Pac variant is the way to go—there’s little doubt that this bag could weather just about anything. It’s truly an exceptional blend of materials, elevating an already outstanding package. The Verge Case and Fieldspace integrate relatively well with the Prima Backpack, but as we’ve mentioned, it’s not without its flaws, which are worth noting.

While these drawbacks aren’t deal-breakers, they do deserve mention, considering there are far more positives to highlight about this system.

One downside we found with having the Verge Case on the inside of the Prima Backpack is that it’s only attached on one side of the bag, leading to noticeable sagging when loaded with camera gear, especially when expanded.

Additionally, there’s a significant vacant space between the bottom of the Verge Case and the Prima Backpack. While this aids in protecting your gear from direct contact with the base of the bag, it does present a challenge if you’ve placed numerous small items inside. They tend to gravitate towards the bottom, making it somewhat bothersome to retrieve them. Although this space at the bottom can still be utilized, it doesn’t integrate as seamlessly as the rest of the bag, which feels somewhat disappointing. We found a workaround by tucking a jacket down there, which also helped support the Verge Case, but it did feel like a minor design oversight.

The Arris System

The Arris Pack is the culmination of extensive design refinement, meticulous material selection, and rigorous real-world travel testing. As the central component of the Arris Modular Travel System, it’s engineered to seamlessly transport you from point A to B and everywhere in between.

Advanced Organization:

  • Swift access to a padded 17” laptop sleeve featuring a magnetic quick-latch.

  • Handy top pocket equipped with a secure zip pocket and a magnetic dock for the HT Key Clip.

  • Expandable side pocket designed to accommodate a water bottle or tripod.

  • Front stash pocket for swift, on-the-go access.

  • Breathable divider panel with stretch-mesh pockets and a quick-rip zipper.

  • Theft-resistant side zipper grants interior access without necessitating the full opening of the pack.

Modular Customization:

  • Tailor with modular components: Packing Cubes, Rift Pack, Stasis Sling, and Tech Case.

  • Packing cubes optimize space and streamline travel.

  • Magnetic docking for the Fieldspace Laptop Sleeve or Port Kitt.

  • Rapid camera access facilitated by the MK-2 LT Camera Case.

  • 360-lash™ system boasts 24 lash points for attaching accessories and additional gear, complete with included SR2 Lash Straps.

Travel Like a Pro:

  • Adheres to carry-on travel approved dimensions.

  • Main zipper is weatherproof and lockable.

  • Side zipper features an anti-theft stop mechanism.

  • Luggage handle pass-through for added convenience.

  • Ergonomic top and side handles enhance portability.


  • Constructed from waterproof 400D TPU Nylon material, finished with a DWR (durable, water-repellent) coating.

  • YKK® AquaGuard zippers provide near-impenetrable water resistance.

  • Seam taping heightens waterproofing capacity while reducing overall weight.

Adjustable Comfort:

  • Gender-neutral fit swiftly adapts to suit a broad spectrum of body types.

  • Curv® composite framesheet efficiently transfers weight to the hipbelt while maintaining the pack’s structure.

  • Padded hipbelt, featuring lash loops, is removable or upgradable to the AWB Belt.

  • Customizable back panel and shoulder straps ensure a personalized fit.

  • Perforated LFT™ foam and breathable mesh offer cushioned comfort.

  • Ventilation channels keep you cool and dry in humid conditions.

  • Load lifters stabilize the pack and enhance overall comfort.

  • Magnetic chest strap provides vertical adjustments and securely docks when not in use.

The Rennen System

Integrating technical craftsmanship, modular design, and eco-conscious materials, the Rennen Tote Bag redefines the classic tote for daily excursions in the city or any upcoming adventure. It features a dedicated 16″ laptop sleeve, a Nywool pocket designed for sunglasses, and a magnetic docking system for added convenience. The expandable 32 oz. bottle pocket ensures you stay hydrated on the go, while interior pockets offer organized storage. A padded bottom panel provides extra protection, and you have the option to attach a shoulder strap for versatile carrying. The YKK™ WR zipper adds an extra layer of durability and weather resistance.

The Errant System

The Errant Pack is designed to seamlessly connect with 18 modular accessories, offering a remarkable level of adaptability that revolutionizes your daily carry. Its intuitive organization, combined with modular components, ensures easy access to creative tools, quick retrieval of camera gear, and designated spaces for all your essentials. This sleek and minimalistic design effortlessly transitions to cater to the needs of commuters, photographers, and adventurers alike.

The pack features a padded main sleeve with an autolocking magnetic closure, providing secure storage for laptops up to 15 inches. Additionally, there’s a padded secondary sleeve for tablets or documents, and stretch-mesh pockets to stow necessities like a laptop charger or mouse. Stash pockets crafted from stretch mesh keep items separate from the main compartment, while a zippered stretch-mesh pocket offers a secure spot for quick-access essentials.

An expandable side pocket accommodates a 32-ounce water bottle, and a quick-access external zippered pocket is lined with soft Nywool to safeguard sunglasses or a phone. Durable loops enable the attachment of accessories, including the Aux Compartment. For hassle-free travel, a luggage pass-through is included. The zippered main compartment opens wide and flat, providing easy access to your gear. The side pocket, equipped with internal organization, also features a magnetic key dock for convenient access to small items.

A magnetic dock ensures quick and secure attachment of accessories like the CB-1 Camera Insert, Fieldspace 2.0, and Port Kitt. The molded foam back panel encourages airflow, while mesh keeps your back cool. Adjustable padded shoulder straps guarantee a personalized, comfortable fit. For added security during travel, there’s a hidden protected pocket designed to hold your passport and wallet. Additionally, a zippered bottom compartment offers a designated space for your shoes, wet clothing, or the Errant Thermal Insert.

Boundary Supply Prima Time?

The Boundary Supply Prima System stands as a testament to innovation and thoughtful design, redefining the way photographers and travelers approach their journeys. The Supply Prima System backpack offers a level of versatility and adaptability that is truly unmatched. Its modular components and fluid organization provide an unparalleled level of convenience, keeping essential gear readily accessible.

Whether embarking on a photography expedition or a globetrotting adventure, this travel backpack proves to be a reliable companion, offering the perfect blend of form and function. The inclusion of a hip belt adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring that even when fully loaded, it remains comfortable for extended wear. Boundary Supply has truly created a fantastic option for all forms of travel with their extensive range of travel systems, making the Prima System modular travel backpack a standout choice for those seeking a premium solution for their photographic and travel needs. With its exceptional quality and attention to detail, it’s clear that the Supply Prima System backpack is not just a great bag, but an investment in seamless, organized, and hassle-free travel experiences.