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American Tourister vs Samsonite Luggage: Which Brand Wins?

American Tourister and Samsonite are two popular brands of luggage, but how do they stand against each other? We compare them here, so read to find out.

The 8 Best Luggage Sets Of 2021

Whether you’re packing for a quick weekend getaway or a longer extended stay, the right luggage protects your belongings and helps make travel easier. When comparing luggage for your needs, you’ll want to consider the size, features, materials used, and more. If...

The Best Power Adapters for Travel

Power adapters are essential for travelers who want to keep their devices charged wherever they go. The right adapters can keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and camera ready to go when you need it.  Different countries use different types of electrical voltage...

The 12 Best Road Trip Tips

Who doesn’t enjoy a good road trip every now and then? The open road, freedom to drive at your own pace, with the goal of an exciting destination in mind. It's because of these ideas that have caused road tripping to become more popular over the years. This is...

The 9 Best Backpacks for Travel

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping your belongings safe and secure. A travel backpack offers a convenient and affordable solution for travelers who want to stay organized on their trip and focus on enjoying the experience.   It’s...

The Best Hiking Daypacks

There's nothing like the sound of the wind rushing through pine trees in the forest. Far away from the clamor of everyday life, nature gives us a way to decompress. Nature is also unpredictable. That's why it pays to come prepared.  The simplest way to take the...

The 9 Best Duffel Bags for Travel of 2021

Duffel bags (also spelled duffle) are oblong carrying bags. Users traditionally carry duffel bags via two large, sturdy hand straps placed along the middle. However, some duffel bags also sport backpack straps, wheels, and additional carrying handles or straps. ...

8 Tips to Road Tripping With a Baby

Road trips, in general, can be challenging, but you may be especially anxious about traveling with a baby or young children. You'll need to adjust to their schedule, make sure you have the necessary supplies, and of course, tend to the random spurts of crying. Deep...

The Best Tablets for Travel

The Best Tablets for Travel In this day and age of inter-connectivity, keeping up with your work and personal lives has never been easier. However, it can also be incredibly overwhelming, especially when it comes to travel, both domestic and international. Tablets are...

The Best Shoes for Travel

Dressing well often starts at the feet. If you’re traveling, then your feet may be the part of your body that functions the most. Possibly even more than your hands!  When looking for good travel shoes, you should have a solid understanding of the area you’ll be...

Travel Luggage Reviews

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight luggage that’s sturdy and visually attractive, Kenneth Cole Reaction is perfect for any individual, couple, or small family.

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage Review

If you want to travel in style, the Delsey Chatelet should be on the top of your list. Here we take a look at what it has to offer.

American Tourister Fieldbrook II Softside Luggage Review

American Tourister is one of the leading luggage brands and rightly so. Here we have reviewed Fieldbrook II Softside luggage, so read more about its features.

Travel Luggage Advice

American Tourister vs Samsonite Luggage: Which Brand Wins?

American Tourister and Samsonite are two popular brands of luggage, but how do they stand against each other? We compare them here, so read to find out.

What to Put on Luggage Tags?

If you’ve been wondering what to put on luggage tags, read here about all the information that you should put on luggage tags.

ABS vs Polycarbonate Luggage: What is the Difference?

Polycarbonate and ABS are the most common types of plastic used in luggage. Read about the differences between them, so you can choose the right one.