Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, you don’t want to stand around waiting for your luggage to come to the baggage claim among the piles of other people’s belongings without realizing it’s yours. Your goal is the luggage carousel and instant recognition by eye catching your suitcases.

This is why it’s crucial to make your luggage immediately identifiable in the crowd so that you can grab it as fast as possible and be out of there without having to face the masses. In this article, we’ll be covering some ways you can make your luggage stand out and be easily identifiable to save you those precious few minutes that are nothing but annoying.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to make your suitcase stand out from the other items on the luggage conveyor belt!

Table of Contents

Bold Colored Luggage

Bright Luggage Tags

Luggage Belts

Your Own Design

Patches, Ribbons & Stickers

Trip Time?

Bold Colored Luggage & Luggage Bags

The easiest way to get your luggage to stand out right from the get-go is to invest in luggage bags and cases that are striking and bold color. Everyone owns a black suitcase which is by far the most common color. With hundreds of other options, get yourself a bag or case that’s a bright color you’ll never miss in a crowd and that you can see even when mostly hidden behind others’ luggage. If you own luggage than you should be able to personalize your suitcase as your preference desires.

Some good examples would be Away’s carry-on spinners, which come in neutral colors that are bright and easy to spot. Or Briggs and Riley’s Bronze and Fire hardside luggage line

Use a Bright Luggage Tag

Sticking with the themes of color coordination and identification, luggage tags are another easy way for you to make your luggage stand out. This is an excellent alternative to getting a brightly colored luggage bag if you already have a preferred suitcase and don’t want to invest in a replacement.

There are plenty of different tag designs out there, all in different shapes and sizes. A luggage tag is easy to fix to your case and shouldn’t get in the way, and they double as a way to keep your contact information on your luggage if it gets lost. Just be wary of putting down any physical addresses as this could make you a target for potential break-ins.

Strap on a Colorful Luggage Belt

A budget-friendly accessory, luggage belts are more often than not overlooked for some reason. This practical accessory is a great way to pick your luggage apart from other luggage should you use a pretty commonly used bag or case, or if you are one of those travelers with a habit of stuffing your bags and overpacking. The luggage belt will keep your things locked up tight and add a splash of color to your luggage so you can quickly spot it in a crowd.

Add Your Own Design to the Mix

Sure, you could invest in a new luggage carrier with bright colors, or get some vibrant and easily identifiable accessories to attach to your bags, but there’s always an alternative for those who aren’t fans of fanciful and flashy colors. There are plenty of ways you can decorate your luggage bag yourself, adding a splash of your artistic flair to make it unique and immediately yours. Just remember not to paint, tie, or tape your luggage in a way where your luggage handles differently. You would hate for some fabric to decide to attach itself to the carousel and suddenly everyone can identify the personalized style causing a mess at the baggage claim.

If your unique pattern for recognition involves handle grips covered in duct tape, zipper ends that are tied with bungee cords, or you are using zip ties to keep it together on a long flight, it’s just a matter of time before airport security throws some caution tape on outdated black luggage. All the while the baggage handlers will be laughing all the way saying they have seen it all.

The creatives among you might enjoy getting your paints and brushes out and putting your designs onto your carriers. You can use stencils to create your personalized decals for your travel bags, or just let loose and go wild, letting your imagination dictate the designs you draw. There are even companies like Rimowa who you can work with to get your personalized design on your bags if you don’t trust yourself to do it alone.

Patches, Ribbons & Stickers

For when you don’t have time to give your bag a makeover, you can always turn to the ol’ reliable from your local craft store. Be handy with patches a brightly colored ribbon, or even a scarf, are a quick way to give your bag a touch of flair and color without going overboard with designs. Stitched patches will last quite a while, while a colorful ribbon can easily be tied on to the handle to locate and identify.

For the less artistic, there is the age-old method of collecting stickers! Doesn’t matter if you own black suitcases or soft sided luggage. The sticker method of decoration is a favorite because you can turn it into a little hobby by collecting a memento sticker from every location you travel to and then putting it on as a reminder of your visit, all while sprucing up your luggage. If you are starting on your travel journey and don’t have any stickers to begin with, you can get yourself some decorative tape that carries that same feel of travel stickers but is an easy stand-in until you rack up some lovely stickers.

Trip Time?

There are plenty of ways to make your luggage stand out, more than we could fit on this list. However, these are by and large the most popular ways, and you’ll never let your luggage go amiss in the pile if you incorporate one or two of these ideas. By chosing that right flight and to personalize suitcases with patterns or a ribbon, you are sure to have a more enjoyable experience around the carousel. Of all the places for your luggage to hide, you are the only one who should instantly recognize that personalize baggage style you have created.