Dressing well often starts at the feet. If you’re traveling, then your feet may be the part of your body that functions the most. Possibly even more than your hands!

 When looking for good travel shoes, you should have a solid understanding of the area you’ll be exploring. If you’re visiting a city, you won’t need shoes for hiking or the beach. If you’re going to be outdoors, fancy footwear should stay home.

 If you’re traveling, you’ll be moving and walking a lot, so this is no time for shoes that look great but cause blisters or wreak havoc on your arches. You also need to pick the right shoes for the occasion. Sandals that are great for the beach won’t do on a mountain path.

 Lastly, you don’t want to waste time struggling with complicated laces or buckles. Go for something simple and secure that you can put on and remove with ease.

 Wearing appropriate shoes can be one of the most important things to consider while traveling. Sore or even injured feet are the last thing you want to worry about during a trip. A good pair of shoes will serve you and not take away from enjoying your experiences.

 Let’s take a look at a few of our top picks for the best shoes for travel.

Best Casual Comfy Shoes for Urban Exploration and Sightseeing

Urban exploration involves walking on streets and sidewalks. You’ll want a suitable shoe that won’t ache while looking city-ready.

Men: Reef Cruiser Shoe

Reef designed these cruisers for comfort without looking like a hiking shoe. Their unobtrusive design allows you to travel streets with class.

 The fabric is light, durable, and breathable, and they’re easy to slip on and off. Shoes like this are ideal for urban exploration because of their comfort, but you also won’t be out of place if you visit a restaurant or shop.

Shop this item here: Reef Cruiser

Women: Sperry Women’s Pier View Sneaker

These sneakers from Sperry look so classic, it’s hard to believe they’re walking shoes. Although they’re a slim fit, the shoes have a formidable rubber sole that provides support for traveling on hard surfaces.

 Shoes like this work well with different attire, allowing you to dress up or dress down as needed. The soles provide traction that can work for walking on various street and sidewalk surfaces as well as smooth museums and restaurants.

Shop this item here: Pier View Sneaker

Best Athletic Walking Shoes for All-day Tours

Longer journeys mean you need extra comfort. These shoes will keep you going all day without sacrificing a sense of style.

Men: New Balance Men’s 900 V1 Walking Shoe

If you’re going to be out and about all day, you need something that will stay comfortable through long journeys. The 900 V1 walking shoes from New Balance are lightweight. They’re water-resistant footwear and backless, preventing blisters.

 The rubber outsoles provide arch support and traction that will keep you feeling fresh-footed even after hours of walking. The foam midsoles also add an extra layer of comfort for extensive journeys.

Check out current prices here: New Balance 900 V1

Women: Ryka Women’s Sky Walk

The Ryka Sky Walk sneakers utilize leather and mesh to create durable footwear that’s comfortable with an attractive appearance. The memory foam insole is removable and replaceable to suit your needs.

 This particular model comes in several colors, but they’re all cute, sporty, and versatile. The synthetic soles give support appropriate for mostly flat and straightforward terrain that you find in towns and cities. 

Current pricing available here: Ryka Sky Walk Shoes

Best Beach Sandals

Beaches come with unique terrain challenges. Having the proper footwear can make or break a day at the beach.

Men: Reef Fanning Sandals

Walking in the sand can be surprisingly hard on the feet, so a pair of padded sandals are ideal to avoid unnecessary discomfort. These Reef Fanning sandals have thick and cushioned EVA footbeds that help absorb the pressure of walking on uneven sand.

 These sandals even have a little secret bonus. The arch’s bottom contains a hidden church-key opener to crack open beverages of your choice.

Shop current prices here: Reef Fanning Sandals

Women: Sanuk Yoga Adley

These Sanuk Yoga Adley sandals have cushiony soles that were inspired by yoga mats. The rubber bottoms provide excellent traction for walking in sand or any other surfaces where you need a little extra grip.

 They’re sleek, stylish, and made from high-quality faux leather. They work both at the beach or in social settings where you want open and airy footwear that still looks classy.

Current pricing available here: Sanuk Yoga Adley

Best Beach Sandals for Children

Kids can’t go barefoot at the beach all day, even if they’d like to do so. Arming little feet against hot and coarse sand allows them to enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Boys: Amoji Kid Clogs 

Amoji’s clogs for kids cover all the bases for a kid’s beachy needs. They’re waterproof, easy to clean, and kids can slip them on and off effortlessly. So, whether a kid wants to stick to sandy activities or venture along the shoreline, he’ll be set.

 Though made for kids, these clogs still have appropriate sole support to keep kids stable and on their feet as they explore and play.

Check out current prices here: Amoji Kid Clogs

Girls: Crocs Kids Classic Clog

These Crocs clogs are similar to the Amoji clogs in being waterproof, easy to clean, and simple to put on. The main difference is that these clogs come in an array of bright and fun colors that little girls will love.

 These clogs are stable, comfortable, and won’t cause blisters on little feet as they go running up and down the beach.

Current pricing available here: Crocs Kids Classic Clogs

Best Shoes for a Day Hike

Hiking is hard on the feet. If you’re going to take on some hefty mountain paths, your feet should be ready for it.

Men: Salomon X Raise Hiking Shoe

Hiking shoes require a bit more engineering to withstand the different needs brought on by a hike. These Salomon X Raise hiking shoes are light for easy movement while maintaining a toughness that can withstand rocky terrains.

 Salomon reinforced the heels and toes of these shoes to hold up against consistent movement. The Quicklace™ lacing allows you to tighten your shoes with one pull, so you don’t waste time.

Shop current prices here: Salomon X Raise Hiking Shoe

Women: Salomon X Raise Hiking Shoe

Salomon also provides an X Raise hiking shoe for women, which features many of the same benefits as the men’s footwear. The construction is light and designed for movement. The soles are stable and tough, with the ability to withstand hiking activity.

The treads on this footwear are deep, making them a safe choice for climbing. The mesh exterior is breathable while still protecting against dirt and other outdoorsy debris.

Check out current pricing here: Salomon X Raise Hiking Shoe

Best All-Weather Shoes

Traveling doesn’t always come with perfect weather. Having footwear that can withstand poor weather can be a game-changer for a trip.

Men: London Fog Men’s Belmont Chukka Footwear

These boots from London Fog have all the elegance of dress shoes while holding up in weather of all kinds. These shoes are cozy for cold weather without being too stifling in warmer temperatures. They also provide some water resistance, making them acceptable for rain.

Although not ideal for outdoor excursions like hiking, they’re an excellent choice for most travel that will have you prepared if there’s a turn in the weather.

Shop this item here: Chukka Footwear

Women: Dansko Women’s Peggy Waterproof Footwear

Dankso’s waterproof footwear will keep you dry if your adventures take you out in the rain. The rubber soles supply ample traction, so that poor weather doesn’t hinder you in other ways besides wetness.

 They’re comfortable, casual, and stylish footwear with CleansportNXT incorporation to keep odors to a minimum.

Check out current pricing here: Dansko Footwear

Best Slippers for Your Hotel Room

Hotel room floors, though carpeted, are often hard. A good pair of slippers allow your feet to relax in the room while you do, too.

Men: Blue Spa Slippers, Bulk Pack

For resting back at the hotel, it’s good to have a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm and cozy. These Blue Spa Slippers are great for hanging out in your room when you need a little extra cushion.

 The non-slip rubber soles also make these slippers good to wear in the bathroom or by the pool, all while looking sharp and classic.

Shop this item here: Blue Spa Slippers

Women: Bergman Kelly Spa Slippers, Bulk Pack

Bergman Kelly’s spa slippers look classic and attractive with their simple white and coffee design that will never go out of style. These slippers are fleece and supply soft and plush soles that snuggle your feet.

The bottoms are also non-slip, making them suitable for tile and potentially slick surfaces in the bathroom or lobby.

Check out current pricing here: Bergman Kelly Spa Slippers

Best Stylish Night on the Town Shoes

Not every trip involves sand or rocks. These picks allow you to be simultaneously stylish and comfy.

Men: Dockers Men’s Overton Oxford

Even if you’ll mostly be in a restaurant or sitting with friends, you still need shoes that won’t hurt after a few hours. Dockers’ Overton Oxfords are a balanced blend of a dashing style and cozy support. 

 Both the heel pad and footpad are exceptionally cushiony. The exterior is NeverWet-treated, freeing you from any worry of stains or moisture.

Current pricing available here: Dockers Overton Oxford

Women: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Ruler Loafer

Dr. Scholl’s Ruler Loafers let you feel relaxed even if you’re parading around town for hours. Although constructed with a flexible fit, these shoes provide ample support that prevents soreness and stiffness.

 They’re fashionable and bold and come in several colors that easily match an array of clothing styles. The heel is enough to add a stylistic flair but not so much that it interferes with continuous walking.

Check out current pricing here: Ruler Loafers

Best Shoes for Airplane Travel

cThese shoes won’t cause a hang-up going through security and won’t cause you discomfort while you’re flying.

Men: Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit Memory Foam Footwear

Airplane travel means you want a shoe that’s as close to a slipper as possible. Skechers’ relaxed fit slip-on is no-hassle and will feel good on your feet even after hours of wear.

 Although considered a dress shoe, they’re comfy, easy to slip on and off, and are lightweight, and travel well.

Check out current prices here: Sketchers Memory Foam

Women: Indosole Pantai Travel Shoes

Indosole’s Pantai travel shoes are light and breathable slip-on shoes that make airline travel a breeze. You can remove them quickly going through security, and they don’t tightly bind your feet during travel.

 They’re soft canvas and look fashionable and versatile. They’re also machine-washable so they can stay new-looking for a long time.

For current prices, click here: Pantai Travel Shoes


Finding the right shoes makes a noticeable difference in your travel experiences. Having a clear understanding of your trip beforehand is vital, and arming yourself with the appropriate footwear is a key piece of a pleasurable trip.

 Once your shoes are on, you shouldn’t have to think about them until they’re off again. This list of shoes should give some insight into what shoes fit certain circumstances. Armed with footwear that matches the atmosphere, trips will be more comfortable and better adventures.