Are you looking for a more durable backpack that can withstand inclement weather changes, all the while securing everything you need in one large compartment? Well, you’re in for a ride. 

Jump on our backs and hold on tight as we walk you through the five best roll top backpacks! 

What’s Up With The Roll Top Backpack?

The concept of roll top backpacks stems from drybags, which originally introduced the idea of a cover top that rolls over to completely help keep your belongings dry in wet situations. 

Roll top backpacks typically have one spacious compartment that is walled with durable materials, making it mostly simplistic in design. 

Although you can find some in various colors, they’re more for practical and multi-functional purposes, then making a fashion statement. For those preferring to travel in style, or care for a more a traditional backpack, then roll top backpacks might not be exactly what your looking for. They are certainly more popular for fishing trips, camping, canoeing, or hiking in between.

Quick Reference Guide

Now, let’s get you packed with all you need to know about the 5 best roll top backpacks:

Osprey Transporter Roll Top: Best Overall

Whether you’re constantly conquering the great outdoors or commuting, the Osprey Transporter Roll Top is designed to always have your back. 

As the best overall, it’s armored with a double-coated skin made of 400D nylon TPU, making it water-resistant. Osprey has superior stitching to ensure the longevity of this roll top.  Due to the nature of design, you water bottle(s) will have to be placed inside the main pocket, allowing you a convenient chance to stop for water and rest those weary legs at the same time.

A few special design features worth mentioning are: a place to insert your LED light, a stuffed internal laptop pouch, and an emergency whistle. Safety, function, and design are clearly the top priorities with this roll top.


  • Water-resistant material for long-lasting use 
  • Padded layers for optimal comfort
  • Includes an attachment for LED-light and whistle for safer travels 


  • The internal water-bottle pocket might be hard to access

Check out current prices here: Osprey Roll Top Backpack

MIER Waterproof Dry Backpack Roll Top: Best For Outdoors

From mountain climbing to kayaking, fishing, and more, this MIER Roll Top is the most ideal for outdoor recreational activities. 

Beyond its flexible application, the fully-guaranteed waterproof backpack will last you through rain, shine, hail, or snow due to its TPU and nylon fabric. With 7 spacious compartments, you can fit more than you need and enjoy the secure waist belt. 

Although, there have been some reported issues regarding the lack of reinforcement at the backpack’s bottom, thus unable to sustain multiple heavy items at the same time. Therefore, consider balancing out the weight of each item you decide to pack.


  • Multi-purpose function to use for many outdoor activities 
  • Relatively large and spacious compartments for easy, extra storage
  • Lightweight and waterproof materials for long-lasting use 


  • The base of the backpack might need more reinforcement to sustain heavy items

Check out current prices here: MIER Roll Top Backpack

Gonex Travel Laptop Backpack 30 L Casual Roll: Best for Travel

The Gonex casual roll top backpack can be your new sidekick when you need to comfortably shuffle through packed locker rooms, for example, or overstuffed stations and airport queue. With the help of its soft back-panel, daily commuting just got a whole lot smoother.

 With three colors – yellow, blue, black – your friends will spot you out easily in a crowd. Then, with its tough 300D wear-resistant polyester fabric, this roll top won’t even mind that you carelessly throw it around.  

That being said, the material is lightweight, which can also mean it is thin and less likely to support multiple heavy-duty gears and portable equipment all in one bag. So, the Gonex is more recommended for light commuters. 


  • Come in 3 different colors to match many outfits
  • Multiple invisible, large pockets to conveniently store items
  • Durable material to last several years


  • The thin material might not support multiple heavy gears all at once

Shop this item here: Gonex Roll Top Backpack

Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack (35L, 55L): Best For Water Related Activities

Built with heavy-duty material, the Earth Pak waterproof backpack will make you look like you just didn’t get out of an accidental fall in the lake. 

What’s more, included is an IPX waterproof phone case, so all your belongings will have optimal protection. Then, in either a 35-liter size or 55-liter, this roll top can last you up to several months on the road, partially thanks to its integrated MOLLE system looping that firmly attaches the backpack on any bumpy ride. 

Although, it being essentially one huge storage space, the simple design leaves for fewer pockets or proper organization. So, you’ll likely need to dig around for your things longer than usual. That is, assuming you tend to overpack like many of us. 


  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • 100% waterproof, including free phone case, for convenient traveling
  • Looping feature to firmly attach the bag anywhere


  • The simple design creates fewer pockets and little organization

For current pricing, click here: Gonex Roll Top Waterproof Backpack

Chrome 30 L Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop: Best For Cycling Commuters

For city bikers and urban dwellers, the Chrome Urban Ex 2.0 Rolltop might just be that back-hugger you’ve been wanting. 

 With an ergonomic design and shoulder harness, the USA-made roll top can fixate your posture and it securely latches onto your back, even through constant ups and downs. The dangers of the rush-hour traffic ahead and rainstorms won’t also stop the bag from tearing apart. It contains proprietary Knurled Welded materials, making your back shield resilient. 

 The only area of improvement needed is to incorporate more pockets as there are no external side-pouches, for example, for your bottle or umbrella. To make up for this lack of storage space, Chrome does integrate reflective loops to better lock in your things.  


  • Durable construction
  • Includes attachment loops for higher security 
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable commute


  • Limited pocket space to carry all you want

Shop this item here: Chrome Urban Roll Top Backpack

Rolling It Up

Roll-top backpacks are not just a recent trend nor is it a fad; the accessory is here to stay as more and more commuters opt for higher efficiency, rather than just style and labels. 

So, with our 5 best roll-up backpacks, we hope you zip up like you’re ready to buy.