When you hit the road every day, the chances are that you’re carrying electronics with you. Whether for work or travel, you likely need to stay connected while you’re on the move. And the electronics that keep us connected all need cords and organization.  

Figuring out how to carry it all is a problem you can solve using a tech organizer to get a handle on your gear. Don’t ancillary cords become a tangled mess that slows you down? Instead, take advantage of the best cable management ideas to keep things neat. 


Size and Weight

When it comes time to choose a cord organizer, one of the most significant factors to consider is its size and weight. You need something large enough to accommodate all your cords, but not something so bulky that it becomes a hassle to schlepp it around. 

A good practice is to unpack everything you need to carry and lay it out on a flat surface. This strategy gives you a chance to think about what you’re bringing, how you will need it, and whether it’s important enough to carry around. 

Chances are there are a few things you’re carrying that you haven’t used in weeks! So now you know what size bag cable organizer you need.

Pockets and Organization

Most bag cable organizers or cord management kits organize your gear via compartments and pockets. 

Some have a wide-mouth main compartment that can accommodate a large device with plenty of room, as well as a few smaller velcro or zipper compartments to accommodate your wires, headsets, mouse, and data cards.

It makes sense to carry what you might need to accomplish your mission. But don’t pack so much gear that the pockets become disorganized and over-filled. Streamline!

Material and Durability

For the best results, focus on how you will be using your tech organizer before choosing one. For example, if you’re going to be out in the elements, it should be waterproof. 

Suppose you are going on a trip to the mountains and bringing along your sensitive tech. In that case, you might need more rugged materials than someone who is only going from the train station to the office. 

Let your usage dictate what sort of material and durability you need. 

Price Point

Be careful not to sacrifice quality and durability by focusing only on the price. Instead, let the intended uses of your cable and tech organizer dictate your needs. A combination of durable and lightweight materials is your best for success. 

Don’t buy a cheap organizer and expect it to hold up to a demanding commute or travel itinerary. On the flip side, a simple nylon pouch with a zipper and some plastic cable ties can go a long way toward organizing your gear without hitting you too hard in the wallet. 

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The ProCase Hard Travel Tech Organizer

This cable organizer is an excellent entry-level bag for your assorted cords, earphones, and memory cards. It’s available in black, gray, or navy color. 

It’s slim but offers five zipper mesh pockets in various sizes to neatly and safely tuck away your gear. It’s only nine inches wide, so it should fit in most backpacks or a large purse. 

It also features a hard outer shell to protect your gear from drops and damage, as well as a shock-absorbing inner liner for added protection.

The Nomatic Tech Case

It is safe to call this electronic organizer the deluxe model of electronic organizers. It features a full sleeve that can secure laptops up to 15 inches and various internal pockets for other essential gear like chargers and cords. 

The case is durable and water-resistant, enabling it to stand up to years of rough commuting and traveling. You can carry it using the detachable strap or remove it and stow your organizer in another bag. 

Nomatic’s luggage line also includes a tech compartment built to hold this organizer as a companion, making it easy to carry everything you need for business or personal travel in one bag. 

Sterkmann Tech Pouch

This handy and affordable pouch comes with 16 origami style pockets to store all of your tech equipment while you’re on the move. Coming in at Size: 9.4″ x 5.9″ x 3.9″ inches and 12.84 ounces, this pouch has plenty of space to keep your items safe and well organized.

The Sterkmann tech pouch comes in a sleek gray 840d nylon and polyester mix, and is water repellent in the event of any surprise spills or afternoon showers. The durable material is easy to clean or wipe down making keeping it in tip top shape a breeze. It offers a cable friendly design, so that you can easily charge your device and place it in the external pocket for accessibility. 

In addition, Sterkmann offers a lifetime guarantee on their products for a purchase you can feel more confident in making.

MIZATTO Travel Electronics Organizer

This bag is pretty spacious, with two deep and padded compartments. It also has an outer zippered compartment for small items, like SD cards or other valuables you need to access quickly. 

Designed to be sturdy and heavy-duty, it also has three detachable straps making it compatible with various travel and carry strategies. 

An interior tech pouch makes it well suited to carry your electronic gear or convert it into a toiletry kit. The cable travel organizer’s fabric is also waterproof. This combination of features makes it portable while also maintaining its durability. 

Boundary Port Kitt

This kit is also fairly deluxe and designed with versatility and capability in mind. It’s ideal for day-trippers, commuters, weekend travelers, or those on an extended trip away from home. 

With a five-liter capacity and a unique split design, you can carry all the things you need safely and securely. One compartment holds all your essential tech and accessories. 

The other half of the bag is completely waterproof, allowing you to store liquids inside without worrying about a leak or spill ruining everything else. 

It can lay flat on your dresser or in your bag, or it can be used as a toiletry bag and hang in the shower via a magnetic clasp. A variety of elastic webbing, zippered and stretch-mesh pockets, and waterproofing put this bag among the best on the market. 

It should be no surprise it’s also among the most expensive. 

Native Union Stow Lite Organizer

This case is almost luxurious. Offered in indigo, slate, or sage coloring, it is a fashionable accessory for your cable management. 

While it is slim and compact, it is also more than adequate for carrying and organizing your most essential tech. But, minimalism is part of its design. 

Two flexible loops and pockets allow you the versatility you need to keep your cords and small gear tidy. While it won’t accommodate a large device or every single charge you own, it is lightweight and sleek, making it a quality addition to your briefcase, purse, or suitcase. 

It features a water-repellent zipper and coated canvas for added protection. This organizer also features a 24-month warranty to extend to 36 months by registering your product online. 

BAGSMART Travel Accessories Organizer

This bag stands out for its voluminous capacity. You can store a lot of equipment in its two large and spacious compartments. But, it also features seven mesh pockets, ten elastic cord ties, and a zippered compartment in the middle with additional space for small and valuable items. 

The arrangement accommodates a versatile collection of your gear. And its padded and water-resistant construction will keep your equipment safe. 

In addition, a carrying handle, double-zipper enclosure, and easy transportability make this case quite portable in a suitcase or backpack when traveling or commuting. 

It also opens almost all the way around for easy access and visibility.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

This organizer uses a foldable design and a honeycomb interior with numerous pockets to protect and organize your gear. It is well-suited for holding smartphones, USB cables, chargers, power banks, and your other gadgets and devices. 

A zipper enclosed outer pocket for easy access to things like your billfold, passport, or smartphone. A passage will also accommodate a wire from the interior to the external pocket to allow charging your device from a power bank within. 

This electronic organizer bag is relatively rugged, constructed from recycled nylon fabric coated with a water repellent finish.

Pu Leather & Canvas Electronics Organizer Case Accessories Bag

This case has a refined and almost elegant appearance. Its exterior is constructed out of leather and canvas, giving it a luxe two-tone presentation. It is also water-resistant. 

This organizer is quite versatile. It has adjustable dividers that can help you keep tandem items together. If you have a hard drive that also needs a USB cable stored side by side, move the dividing partition. The rest of the space is still available for hiding away your sunglasses. 

A lifetime money-back guarantee also backs this case. 

ProCase Travel Gadgets Organizer Bag

This bag is durable, stylish, and heavy-duty. It is also quite versatile and affordable, featuring three interior cord pockets with elastic loops for various cables, a covered middle pocket with velcro closure, and convenient access holes to take advantage of. 

For instance, if you have a portable battery in the middle compartment, you can plug it into your device without opening the bag

The outer enclosure is a combination of a zipper that protects your gear and a strap and buckle that lets you roll the kit up and secure it for a tidy appearance.

It is easy to tuck into a briefcase, backpack, or suitcase. It also features a dedicated elastic pen holder, multiple small mesh pockets for SD cards or other small devices, another zippered compartment to accommodate a portable data drive.

Tech Time?

We’re all on the go more than ever. Whether traveling by air or just within our day-to-day commute, an electronic organizer is an essential item. Cord management might seem as simple as just a couple of cord ties, but do you want to carry them in your pocket? Finding the balance between plenty of room in your pack, and wasting space can be a challenge, but it’s all based on your needs.

Everyone has cable management ideas, but when it comes time to tackle your cord management, Prep4Travel has already done all the work to give you the most straightforward and best advice. Hopefully you’re ready to decide which cord organizer is right for you.