Traveling is a fantastic opportunity that many get to take advantage of in their lifetime. But one of the most distressing moments is when your luggage falls apart en route. 

This how-to guide will help you find the best of Samsonite luggage for your traveling needs. Continue reading to find out more about the brand and what they offer. 

Why Buy Samsonite Luggage?

A Samsonite luggage set is one of the longest-lasting brands on the market. They are known for their high-quality design and materials and can withstand years of high-frequency use. 

Samsonite offers a variety of baggage for all of your traveling needs. From the Samsonite laptop bag to carry-on’s and spinners, there are items available that afford you a stress-free vacation. 

Samsonite Centric 2 Hardside – 3 Piece Set

This Samsonite carry on and spinner set has a very modern design that attracts the eyes of many and includes:

  • One 20” Spinner Carry On (19.6 x 14.75 x 9.5)
  • One 24” Spinner (24 x 16.5 x 11)
  • One 28” Spinner (27.75 x 19.6 x 12.4)

The hard-sided luggage set is also made with scratch-resistant polycarb, allowing your suitcases to look brand new even after continual use. Each of the spinner pieces has multidirectional wheels that enable you to maneuver the case in whatever direction you wish, with minimal effort on your part.

Each case comes with a TSA-approved lock to keep your items safe, as well as an interior separator to keep things organized. Each piece in the set weighs between 7.5 pounds to 10.5 pounds.

What We Like:

  • The variety of colors and designs available for the set
  • The easy access charging area for your technology devices, located on the carry-on case

What We Don’t:

  • Some users have experienced issues with the cases becoming dented after only a few uses

This Samsonite spinner set is a soft-sided option with two pieces and is available in three different colors. Although not hard-sided, the Samsonite luggage set offers a thick top cover that provides protection for your materials during travel.

Includes in the two-piece Samsonite luggage set is:

  • One 20” Spinner (20 x 14.5 x 8)
  • One 25” Spinner (24.5 x 17.75 x 9.5)

The Leverage LTE set has 360-degree wheel turns and expandable zipper options to accommodate additional personal items. The 20” Samsonite spinner has carry-on regulation standards and weighs only eight pounds. The 25” spinner comes in at 9.5 pounds.

What We Like:

  • The push button handle allows the holder to extend the length quickly and efficiently
  • The suitcase has high-quality stitching and is made with durable materials

What We Don’t:

  • This Samsonite carry on bag does not have a designated USB charge port for devices

This extra large Samsonite spinner comes in a hard-sided material and has many different color options to choose from when purchasing. Additionally, it includes a TSA-compatible lock that is located on the side of the case for easy access, as well as a push button handle that can rise to the desired height of your choosing.

You can purchase this hard side case singularly or as part of a set. This specific Samsonite suitcase has the following dimensions:

  • One 28” Spinner (28.5 x 20.5 x 13.5)

The hard-sided material includes a limited ten-year warranty for the buyer and comes with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate. This spinner case also has the 360-degree wheels that Samsonite luggage sets are known for historically. The Samsonite Oni PC Hardside comes in at 10.35 pounds and includes organizational components inside to keep items separated. 

What We Like:

  • The ten-year limited warranty for any issues that may arise
  • The scratch-resistant material that keeps the luggage looking like new

What We Don’t:

  • The set is sold singularly or as part of a three-piece set; there are no other options

The Eco Lite option through Samsonite allows the traveler to have a high-quality case without a high weight, which can take away from what you can pack. Although the suitcase is not hard-sided, it is made of a thick and highly durable material that keeps your belongings safe through baggage claim.

Like the Samsonite Oni PC, the Eco Lite sells singularly. However, unlike the Oni PC, the Eco Lite is not sold as part of a set. This particular Samsonite case includes the following size dimensions:

  • One 29” Spinner (29 x 19 x 11)

There is a TSA-approved lock, standard on many Samsonite products, that is affixed to the zipper of the suitcase. This unique lock allows for security for you but is also accessible to airport security. Although this suitcase is not carry-on dimensions, the organizational elements help you efficiently pack everything you need for travel.

What We Like:

  • The extra large size of the suitcase that allows for additional packing during travel
  • The 360-degree wheel spin that helps users navigate tight areas with minimal effort

What We Don’t:

  • The lack of a hard-sided shell that further protects the included belongings

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside – Carry On

This Samsonite carry on comes in a set but can also be purchased individually. The biggest perk of this hard side case is the look. The design of this durable suitcase has a wood grain finish that is both distinctive and eye-catching. Picking your suitcase out of the bunch will be easy with this pattern!

The sizing dimensions of the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside suitcase are:

  • One 20” Spinner (20 x 13.5 x 9)

The lightweight nature of the case is appealing to many customers, coming in at just 6.7 pounds. That weight size allows more to go along on the trip while still staying within TSA guidelines. The wood grain finish comes in a variety of colors and includes a combination lock and push button handle for security and easy maneuvering.

What We Like:

  • The beautiful design that stands out from the crowd at baggage claim
  • The lightweight of the case, which allows for more personal items

What We Don’t:

  • Not having a charging port for devices to utilize on the carry on bag

This Samsonite carry on can be purchased on its own or in a combination of sets. One of the most incredible things about this case is the fact that it comes with a USB charging port that allows you to charge your technology devices while waiting. This option is available in many Samsonite carry on bags, but not all.

The Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside is a TSA approved carry on, with the following size dimensions:

  • One 20” Spinner (9.5 x 14 x 22)

One of the unique elements of this lightweight case (7.1 pounds) is that it comes with a smart sleeve. This innovative sleeve allows the carry on suitcase to attach to the handle of a larger case, making transport of multiple pieces of luggage more streamlined and efficient.

What We Like:

  • The USB charging port for technological devices while on the go
  • The Smart Sleeve implementation for multiple cases, eliminating a lot of hassle while in transport

What We Don’t:

  • The case having minimal design options and color choices to choose from

In this day and age, it is unusual not to travel with a laptop. They are necessary for so many things in our lives, and it is hard to go without them for an extended period. Even just a couple of days can be difficult to manage!

This Samsonite laptop bag allows you to protect this critical technology item while you are in transit. The highly durable material is rated for use by the federal government for military service due to its tough demeanor and high yarn count. 

Sizing dimensions for the Classic Multi Gusset Laptop Bag are:

  • One Bag (12.5 x 3.5 x 17.25)

Besides the low weight (2.65 pounds), this Samsonite laptop bag offers many unique features that travelers love. These items include a detachable and reinforced shoulder strap, front organizational pockets, interior padded compartments for safe transport, and durable materials.

What We Like:

  • Having a comfortable shoulder strap and reinforced handles for cushioned support 
  • The use of high-grade materials that will last frequent and continued use

What We Don’t:

  • That the bag isn’t sold as part of a set, but only as an individual item

Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint Backpack

Some people view pulling along or toting a carry on through the airport as too much of a hassle. Instead, many travelers prefer the ability to sling a bag over their shoulder and have a completely hands-free experience while getting to their gate. The Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint Backpack allows you to do just that.

Sold singularly and not as part of a set, the Samsonite carry on backpack has the following size dimensions:

  • One Backpack (16.5 x 12 x 6)

Samsonite also carries the model in larger sizes for those who need more wiggle room for their personal belongings. The carry on backpack has a thick neoprene handle that allows for a comfortable carry, as well as easy pockets for quick storage solutions. The Xenon also offers an interior padded component that provides further protection for your electronics.

What We Like:

  • That it comes in a variety of sizes for varying needs (small, medium, and large)
  • That it has a neoprene handle for carrying comfort through the airport or while traveling

What We Don’t:

  • That it comes in limited colors and designs to choose from when purchasing

Sometimes, it is easier to have a bag to throw all your necessary travel items into and go. Having the ability to carry these items over your shoulder instead of in a backpack or carry on suitcase can feel more secure to travelers. It is more difficult for people to get into the bag when it is located on your shoulder and under your arm.

This carryall allows you to put everything into one spot and carry it as you would a purse or satchel. It allows easy access to all the essential items you need quick access to while en route or upon arrival.

The sizing dimensions of the Samsonite Carryall are:

  • One Bag (20.47 x 7.48 x 12.6)

Coming in at just one pound, the bag is super light to carry through the terminals on the way to your flight or even to your hotel once you land. Additionally, it includes a variety of differently sized organizational pockets inside of the bag, as well as a padded area for your laptop. 

All of these offer an easily accessible solution to finding your boarding passes and driver’s license when you need them.

What We Like:

  • That the bag is easy to carry around due to its minimal weight
  • All of the bags internal organizational components and the padded computer component

What We Don’t:

  • That there is only one color option available for the carryall and that it is not sold as part of a set

Final Thoughts

Samsonite luggage sets have been a household name for many generations. Serious travelers turn to the brand because of its strong reputation for being durable and innovative. 

Many features that are considered premium on other brands are standard with Samsonite. These items include the TSA-approved locks, the hard-side exterior cover, and the USB charging outlet for devices. 

Traveling is something that many people get to take advantage of at some point in their lifetime. But one of the most distressing moments is when your luggage falls apart en route or has to be replaced frequently. 

This how-to guide will help you find the best luggage items, including the perfect Samsonite carry on suitcase and Samsonite laptop bag for all your traveling needs. 

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