Tumi Luggage vs. Rimowa Luggage: Which High-End luggage brand is right for you?

We often ask ourselves, is paying more for something worth it in the long run? This can apply to most everything we buy in life, and luggage is no exception. Sure, there are tons of brands that look flashy, sleek, and professional, but as the saying goes, ‘you most often get what you pay for.’

If you are a traveler who might only need luggage once every few years, then a budget suitcase is probably the right choice. We however prefer paying for quality with the knowledge we will get years and years of use. After all, suitcases will take a beating no matter how careful we are with them, and to be honest, they should be designed, engineered and constructed for that very reason.

We fully admit choosing the right higher end luggage set can be a daunting task. There are just too many options available to make our choices easy. We have done the research and paired two fantastic brands against each-other to see if one is right for you.

Tumi and Rimowa.

So what happens when these two are paired against each other? Well, in truth, both could come out on top as it depends on what you are looking for.

We have held both brands up to each other and will give you the rundown of everything you need to know about each. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these two options, as well as their pros and cons to help you decide!

Side by Side Comparison:



  • free shipping and returns
  • design is practical, functional, secure
  • durability is amazing
  • you can monogram your suitcase for personalization (complimentary)
  • tumi tracer product recovery program for lost and found luggage
  • customer service is world renown


  • price
  • the lifetime warranty has changed to a 5 year warranty recently



  • quality is second to none
  • durability is top tier
  • design is futuristic, sleek, fashionable and functional
  • 5 year warranty when registered
  • luggage is customizable
  • owning a piece of Rimowa luggage is a prestige statement of travel fashion, taste and modernity


  • price
  • luggage is flashy and brand is high-end, making it a target for theft if not protected properly

Table of Contents

  • Tumi vs Rimowa: Comparing the Two Luggage Sets

  • Tumi Suitcases

    • Tumi International Expandable 4

    • Tumi Worldwide Trip – 19 Degree Collection Checked Suitcase

    • Tumi Large Split Duffel

    • Rimowa Suitcases

    • Cabin Carry On (classic collection)

    • Check In Large (essential collection)

    • Trunk (original collection)

    • Comparing the Two

  • Decision Time

Tumi vs Rimowa: Comparing the Two Luggage Sets


A side by side comparison can instantly show how different these two high end luggage brands are.

Tumi is more of a classic, secured, I want high qaulity, but just get me from point A to B with my essentials in good hands. Rimowa is all about prestige, class, fashion and taste.

Please watch the below videos to get a better sense of these two luggage companies and what they feature.



Tumi VS. Rimowa

Tumi Suitcases

Tumi has been around since 1975, and with almost 50 years in the travel and luggage business, this company has stayed current with the changing travel market. Each piece of luggage is put though a 30 point in house test to make sure it is of top quality to sell.

Tumi suitcases feature a metal plate with a 20-digit ID #. If your Tumi luggage is lost or stolen, the Tumi Tracer program can track your missing piece.Tumi firmly believes in exceeding expectations, and the quality of their luggage shows this.

 Let’s take a look at some of Tumi’s more popular luggage pieces.


Tumi International Expandable 4 – Carry On

This Tumi carry-on is ideal for those shorter business or pleasure trips. We recommend up to 4 days of capacity. It includes a built in USB port, has a seperate garment sleeve, and has best in class functionality. It’s worth mentioning this carry-on will fit in most overhead bins. The power bank and hanger are sold seperately.

Item Specs:

  • weight – 10.9 lbs
  • volume: – 35 litres
  • height -22 in
  • width -14 in
  • depth – 9 in


  • very positive reviews
  • molded impact resistant side panels
  • ballistic nylon fabric is water repellent
  • built in USB port
  • compression straps
  • built in TSA lock
  • Tumi tracer program


  • a few complaints about being a challenge to replace TSA keys
  • price

Tumi Worldwide Trip 4 Wheeled Packing Case – 19 Degree Collection


This is the perfect size suitcase for that mid range trip which holds 5-7 days worth of capacity. Made with aluminum, this suitcase features style and design, yet is durable enough to take it’s lumps and bumps from rigorous use. Gliding through airports might feel effortless with the four double wheel swivel wheels.

Item Specs:

  • weight -16.1 lbs

  • volume -130 litres

  • height – 30.5 in

  • width – 20.5 in

  • depth – 11 in


  • outstanding reviews

  • aircraft grade aluminum extension handle

  • antibacterial lining (inhibits growth of bacteria causing odor, mildew and mold)

  • Tumi tracer program

  • built in hanger bracket

  • seamless navigation with 4 dual pivoting wheels

  • 5 year warranty


  • a few complaints about thee outer casing scratching easy

  • quality comes with a price

Tumi – Large Split 2 Wheeled Duffel

Enough room for a longer vacation this large 2 wheeled suitcase can hold ample belongings. We recommend this size for the 10+ day vacationer. While upgraded in size, this split duffel is lightweight and perfect for separating formal from informal belongings.

The same patented quality and Tumi guarantee, this duffel lacks nothing one would expect from the Tumi name.


Item Specs:

  • weight: 11 lbs
  • volume: up to 98 litres
  • height: 16 in
  • width: 30.3 in
  • depth: 14 in


  • ample storage for multiple persons traveling 10+ days
  • large mesh zip pocket
  • compression straps
  • Tumi tracer program
  • molded impact resistant bottom
  • bottom grab handle
  • 5 year warranty


  • fully loaded could be heavy to maneuver
  • more expensive than other duffels


Rimowa Suitcases

Rimowa is one of the most sought after high end luggage brands in the world. Their aluminum suitcases have a reputation of being precision engineered to perfection. All this of course comes at a price. The initial sticker shock might be difficult to swallow, but understanding the value and years of potential use will perhaps make this easier to deal with.

It’s certainly worth mentioning that Rimowa suitcases can be customized with colour choices for the handle, luggage tag, wheels, and suitcase shell. Rimowa luggage is also backed by a 5 year warranty. Once purchased and registered, repairs can be done online through their local store services.

Let’s dive into more of the popular Rimowa Suitcases on the market.



The Cabin Carry On (Classic collection)

A trademark of Rimowa luggage, this carry on classic is a high end beauty. Rimowa’s entire goal is to perfectly balance functionality, craftsmanship, engineering, and style. This carry on is designed to fit in most overhead compartments, and is built specifically for the weekend traveler or short 2-3 day business trip.


Item Specs:

  • weight – 9.5 lbs
  • volume – 9.5 GAL
  • height -21.7 in
  • width – 15.8 in
  • depth – 9.1 in


  • top tier quality & design
  •  TSA built in approved locks
  • flex divider built to contour around what is packed
  • premium 4 wheel system, ball bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axels for stability
  • telescopic handle with leather grip


  • weighs more than other carry-ons in it’s class
  • all design & function come at a price



Check-In Large (Essential collection)

A first in class for a polycarbonate suitcase, this German design is known as top of the line in high tech functionality. Customizable in colour, this Rimowa suitcase is also lightweight, durable and strong. Recommended for travelers heading for a work trip or vacation of up to 10 days.


Item Specs:

  • weight – 10.6 lbs
  • volume – 23 GAL
  • height – 30.6 in
  • width – 20.5 in
  • depth – 11.1 in


  • polycarbonate shell and wheels
  • adjustable interior flex divider
  • telescopic handle with leather grip
  • TSA approved built in locks
  • 5 yr warranty


  • quality, design, function come at a cost



Trunk – (Original Collection)

The ultimate in storage capacity and iconic design. This large capacity suitcase is a trunk on wheels. The same high end innovative design, boasts long lasting performance and functionality as all other Riwoma luggage does. This case is recommended for the long trip traveler 10+ days. Long term trips or relocations where a trunk of this size will keep the most precious belongings safe and protected.


Item Specs:

  • weight – 13.4 lbs
  • volume: -23.6 GAL
  • height – 28.8 in
  • width -17 in
  • depth – 14.8 in


  • tons of space
  • built-in TSA approved lock
  • high quality and durability
  • premium flex divider system
  • telescopic handle with leather grip
  • fantastic overall reviews


  •  quality comes at a price
  •  a full trunk can be quite heavy for transportation

It’s unlikely you will find a higher end suitcase or luggage collection that can boast the same look, durability, function and style as Rimowa. Owning a luggage piece from Rimowa is not just about the status  of elegance and taste, but also the practicality of function for frequent travel needs. If budget is not an issue, than we highly recommend this brand. Travelers would do well to sport any pieces from Rimowa while knowing their contents are as safe and secure as possible.

Comparing the two:

Tumi is a fantastic option for the more ‘low key’ traveler so to speak. We believe Tumi produces a high quality luggage that is certainly at a higher price point than your average run of the mill department store luggage. Tumi’s soft side luggage is a high quality lower key design, built with the intent to last the average traveler for years and years of use. It’s worth noting that for those who really prefer hardshell luggage, Tumi does offer a hard shell series called 19 degrees. This hardshell series boasts quality and durability. It will likely remind you of  the same futuristic flashiness of Rimowas aluminum suitcases.

Rimowa is known through and through for their futuristic aluminum designed suitcases. They come in all various sizes you might be looking for. From a quality and durability stand point, they are second to none. Their luggage is as much a beneficial travel tool as it is a statement piece. Giving off the aura of sophistication and a veteran traveler who knows what works.   Rimowa also offers all the usually travel accessories one might be looking for.  The 5 year warranty is something expected at this price point, but please remember it only qualifies if you register your luggage upon purchase.



Both Tumi and Rumiwa offer more than just standard suitcases. Both companies specialize in all things travel related from backpacks to passport holders to neck pillows. While there are hundreds of luggage companies out there that offer travel products, these two have stood the test of time and are still around for a reason. Any serious traveler looking for quality pieces would do well to own products of either.

Decision Time?

Truth be told, we paired these two luggage brands against each-other for the obvious appeal in differences.  Purchasing a good set of luggage should come down to one’s budget, travel style, and personal needs. Both brands offer something often forgotten: sense of adventure. Let the anticipation build in purchasing knowing your new luggage will have to be put to good use through exploring the world.


We wish you the best in your travels.


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