Hiking often entails unpredictable weather and long treks through different environments. This means that you may often find yourself hiking during torrential rain or in otherwise wet conditions. 

 That’s where hiking rain jackets come in handy – hiking rain jackets differ from any regular old rain jacket as they need to be able to withstand the weather for an extended period of time without getting you wet or making you overheat. 

 It can be challenging to find a sufficient hiking rain jacket as many rain jackets are designed to keep you dry for short bursts or casual strolls only. Our list of the best hiking rain jackets can help you find the ideal jacket for your long and treacherous hikes. 

 It’s essential to look for lightweight jackets that can be thrown easily over hiking gear but durable enough to keep you dry and comfortable for an extended period. 

 If you’re having trouble finding the perfect hiking jacket for you, keep reading to get a few ideas of what to look out for. 

Quick Reference Guide:

 Best Overall Rain Jacket: Apollo Rain Jacket

Best Budget Rain Jacket: Watertight Jacket

Most Comfortable Rain Jacket: Helium Jacket

Best High End Rain Jacket: FootJoy Jacket

Best Heavy Duty Rain Jacket: Northbounder Jacket

Best Overall Rain Jacket: Apollo Rain Jacket

The  Apollo Rain Jacket is the best overall rain jacket. It boasts breathability and durability in even the harshest of weather conditions. Hiking can bring about nearly any unexpected weather, so having a jacket that tackles it all is ideal. 

 The cooling design of the jacket releases excessive heat, ensuring you can hike efficiently without becoming overheated. 

 The classic design is quite versatile and perfect for both long hikes and leisurely walking around town. You can use the Foray Jacket for a wide variety of activities. The jacket has a carabiner hook that allows you to clip keys and other necessities. 

 The hood is fully adjustable, and there are a large number of pockets for holding the essentials. It is rain and windproof, allowing you to tackle any environment comfortably. 


  • The jacket can withstand any weather 
  • Many pockets for holding 
  • Cooling feature to release heat 
  • Versatile for activities other than hiking 


  • Not an insanely heavy jacket for winter 

Shop this jacket here: Apollo Rain Jacket

Best Budget Rain Jacket: Watertight Jacket

The Watertight Jacket is the best budget rain jacket option as it packs a hefty punch for a low price. The jacket comes in an extensive range of colors, catering to nearly everyone’s tastes. 

 The Watertight Jacket is machine washable, making clean-up extremely convenient. The nylon material is curated to withstand intense weather, including harsh and heavy rains. 

 While the jacket itself is very light and airy, it heats your body sufficiently, ensuring you stay warm during cold hikes. The zipper closure aspect also prevents unwanted slippage from the jacket. 

 This is a great budget option for hikers that are looking to withstand the rain while saving money. This specific blend deflects nearly all liquids, keeping you both dry and warm on intense hiking excursions.


  • Excellent quality for a small price 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Available in a wide range of colors 
  • Zipper closure to keep your jacket secure 


  • Fitted jacket not ideal for those looking for a looser fit 

You can shop this item here: Columbia Watertight Rain Jacket

Budget Rain Jacket

Most Comfortable Rain Jacket: Helium Jacket

The Helium Jacket is the most comfortable hiking rain jacket as its lightweight and flowing material makes it feel as if you aren’t even wearing a jacket at all. 

 The thin material makes the jacket extremely easy to pack and carry, ensuring you always have rain protection with you. The jacket is both windproof and waterproof, helping you feel safe in wet conditions. 

 It has carabiner hooks that allow you to keep your keys and other essentials safe at all times. The hood is adjustable, and the Helium Jacket has interior pockets that will enable you to keep your essential pieces dry during harsh conditions. 

 The Helium Jacket is exceptionally comfortable and lightweight, perfect for summer or warmer weather rainy conditions – you should consider it an outer layer rather than a warm jacket on its own. 


  • Easily packable 
  • Waterproof and windproof 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable 


  • Not a heavy jacket for cold weather 

Check out current prices here: Helium Rain Jacket

Best High-End Rain Jacket: FootJoy Jacket

The FootJoy Jacket is the best high-end option for those with a higher budget. The waterproof material is breathable enough to ensure you can remain cool while also staying dry. 

 The jacket itself is from a performance material that works well with sweat. It features a four-way stretch that ensures the jacket moves well with your body instead of hinders you during hikes. 

 The FootJoy Jacket is entirely seam-sealed, meaning no water or unwanted liquids will be able to penetrate. 

 The zipper itself is also waterproof, ensuring you can remove or put the jacket on quite quickly. The FootJoy also has removable sleeves that allow you to work with any weather. 


  • Weatherproof 
  • Stretchy 
  • Removable sleeves 


  • A higher price point 

Check out current pricing here: FootJoy Rain Jacket

Best Heavy Duty Rain Jacket: Northbounder Jacket

The Northbounder Jacket is the most durable and heavy-duty hiking rain jacket as it is thick and features a reliable design that seals water out while keeping the heat in. The Northbounder is a tremendous cold-weather hiking rain jacket as its thick material is ideal. 

 The adjustability and customization that come with the Northbounder Jacket also make it incredibly durable. The hood and the drawcords are adjustable, allowing users to customize this jacket to their liking. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty hiking jacket for the rain and color weather, the Northbounder is the way to go. 


  • Heavy duty for cold and wet weather 
  • Customizable 
  • Weatherproof 


  • Not lightweight 
  • Not ideal for hot weather 

Shop this item here: Northbounder Rain Jacket

Best Overall Rain Jacket

All Things Considered 

After reading through our list of the best hiking rain jackets, hopefully, you’ve found something that can withstand the weather on your long hikes. Having a hiking rain jacket is essential for those that spend a lot of time hiking, especially in rainy and wet conditions. 

 Not only does our list present the best hiking rain jacket overall, but it also shows the best budget option, the best high-end option, the most durable, and the most comfortable. Having a hiking rain jacket that meets your specific needs is extremely important in being able to hike long distances comfortably.