Tote & Carry is a renowned company specializing in travel bags known for their unique and popular style. With a focus on blending fashion and functionality, Tote & Carry offers a range of travel bags that stand out with their distinctive designs and innovative features.

Whether it’s backpacks, duffel bags, or carry-on suitcases, Tote & Carry delivers products that cater to the modern traveler’s needs while making a stylish statement. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality make them a trusted brand among travel enthusiasts looking for both practicality and aesthetic appeal in their luggage.

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Our Top Tote & Carry Picks

Apollo 2 Crocodile Skin Carry On or 2 Piece Set

The Caution Tape Backpack

The Blue or Black Velvet Laptop Bag

The Reflective Duffel

Tote & Carry Time?

Our Top Tote & Carry Picks

Apollo 2 Crocodile Skin Carry On or 2 Piece Set

The Tote & Carry Apollo 2 Crocodile Skin Carry-On Luggage set offers a stylish and sophisticated option for travelers. With its crocodile skin texture, this luggage set stands out with its unique design. The set includes a carry-on suitcase, and a medium suitcase that is considered a checked bag. This two piece set can be added to with a mini messenger bag, purse, backpack, and duffel, making it a full 6 piece set if desired.

One of the standout features of this luggage set is the wide range of color options available. With five colors to choose from, including classic black, caramel, emerald green, purple, and neon pink, travelers can select the color that best suits their personal style and preferences.

The luggage set is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The carry-on suitcase provides ample storage space and is equipped with sturdy wheels and a retractable handle for easy maneuverability. The tote bag offers additional storage and can be used as a personal item, while the travel pouch keeps smaller essentials organized and accessible.

Tote & Carry Apollo 2 Crocodile Skin Carry-On Luggage set combines style, functionality, and versatility. With its eye-catching crocodile skin texture and a variety of color options, this set allows travelers to make a fashion statement while meeting their travel needs.

Caution Tape Backpack

The Tote & Carry Caution Tape Backpack is a unique and attention-grabbing choice for those looking to make a statement with their travel accessories. With its bold caution tape design, this backpack stands out from the crowd and adds a touch of edginess to any outfit.

The backpack is not only visually striking but also practical. The bag opens with features like a spacious main compartment that can accommodate essentials such as books, a laptop, or clothing for a day trip. Additionally, there are multiple smaller pockets and compartments, allowing for convenient organization of smaller items like keys, wallets, and smartphones. This is a great go to option for a carry on bag.

Durability is also a notable feature of the Caution Tape Backpack. It is constructed from sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring that it can accompany you on your adventures for a long time. The padded shoulder straps provide added comfort, making it comfortable to carry even when fully packed.

The Travel Bag Caution Tape Backpack offers a unique style that is sure to turn heads. With its ample storage space, convenient organization, and durability, it is a practical choice for travelers who want to express their individuality while keeping their belongings secure and well-organized.

Blue or Black Velvet Laptop Bag

The Tote & Carry Blue or Black Velvet Laptop Bag is a stylish and sophisticated choice for carrying your laptop and other essentials. The bag features a luxurious velvet exterior that adds an elegant touch to your professional or casual attire.

Designed with functionality in mind, the laptop bag offers a padded compartment to securely hold and protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. The spacious main compartment provides ample room for documents, notebooks, chargers, and other accessories you may need on the go.

In addition to its practicality, this Blue Laptop Bag also boasts a comfortable carrying experience. It features sturdy handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to choose the most convenient carrying option for your needs.

With its combination of style, functionality, and comfort, the Tote & Carry Blue or Black Velvet Laptop Bag is a standout choice for individuals who value both fashion and practicality in their laptop bag. Whether for work, school, or travel, this bag offers a touch of sophistication while keeping your laptop and belongings organized and protected. You will be the traveling envy of your friends when they see this small but perfect size briefcase that is lightweight and ideal for air travel.

Reflective Duffel Bag

The reflective duffel bag from Tote & Carry is a versatile and innovative travel accessory designed to provide both functionality and safety. This duffel bag is made from high-quality materials and features a unique reflective surface that enhances visibility in low-light conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities, travel, and commuting.

The bag offers ample storage capacity with its spacious main compartment, multiple internal pockets, and external zippered pockets. It allows you to neatly organize and carry your belongings, including clothing, shoes, electronics, and personal items. The sturdy handles and detachable shoulder strap provide different carrying options, ensuring comfort during transportation.

The standout feature of the reflective duffel bag is its reflective material. This reflective surface is strategically placed on the bag’s exterior, making it highly visible when exposed to direct light. Whether you’re walking, cycling, or commuting at night, this bag increases your visibility and promotes safety.

Additionally, the reflective duffel bag is designed with durability in mind. The rugged construction and reinforced seams ensure that it can withstand the demands of daily use and travel. The materials used are water-resistant, protecting your belongings from light rain or splashes.

Overall, the reflective duffel bag from Tote & Carry combines practicality, organization, and safety. It is a stylish and functional accessory that caters to individuals who prioritize visibility and want a reliable bag for their travel needs.

Tote & Carry Time?

Tote & Carry is a unique and luxurious brand that offers a refreshing alternative for travelers seeking something different in terms of travel gear. From suitcases to carry-on bags and even tote bags, Tote Carry stands out as a great choice for several reasons.

Tote & Carry prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted with the finest materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The brand’s commitment to quality results in travel gear that not only looks luxurious but also performs exceptionally well.

Tote & Carry offers a wide range of options to cater to various travel needs. Whether you’re looking for a spacious suitcase to accommodate all your belongings, a versatile carry-on bag that fits airline regulations, or a chic tote bag for everyday use, Tote & Carry has you covered. The brand’s diverse collection ensures that travelers can find the perfect piece to suit their preferences and requirements.

Tote & Carry sets itself apart with its unique and stylish designs. The brand combines functionality with aesthetics, creating travel gear that is both practical and visually appealing. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalist suitcase or a trendy tote bag, Tote N Carry’s designs exude sophistication and elegance, allowing travelers to make a fashion statement while on the go.

Tote & Carry understands the importance of convenience and organization for travelers. Their products feature well-thought-out compartments, pockets, and organizers, making it easy to keep belongings neatly arranged and accessible. This attention to detail enhances the overall travel experience, ensuring that travelers can effortlessly navigate their journeys with ease.

Tote & Carry stands out as a unique, luxurious, and excellent choice for travelers seeking something different in terms of travel gear. With their exceptional craftsmanship, diverse range of options, stylish designs, and focus on convenience, Tote & Carry provides travelers with the perfect combination of functionality and luxury.