Bermuda, a hidden gem tucked away in the Atlantic Ocean that is nestled off the usual Caribbean beaten path. Bermuda offers a unique and enchanting vacation experience. Known for its pink sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs, this island paradise is a destination like no other.

One of the distinctive features of Bermuda is its commitment to environmental sustainability. As part of this commitment, the island has chosen not to offer public gas car rentals. Instead, visitors have the opportunity to explore this enchanting destination through alternative means. You can rent cars that are electric, scooters, or bicycles to traverse the island’s picturesque landscapes, which only adds to the unique experience of vacationing here.

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Do Car Rental in Bermuda Exist?

Types of Electric Car Rentals

Other Ways to Get Around Bermuda

Bermuda Time?

Bermuda Car Rentals: Does It Exist?

The government of Bermuda has banned a gas powered Bermuda rental car to non residents. Even residents are only allowed one motor car per household. So when searching your usual car rental sites, don’t be surprised when it comes up as nothing available for car rental Bermuda.

The small island, spanning a mere 21 square miles, is home to approximately 65,000 residents. Each year, the influx of tourists visiting the island surpasses this number by about tenfold. Consider the scenario where a majority of these visitors had rented cars. Would there be enough space to accommodate them all? Additionally, the level of pollution would likely increase significantly. The roads in Bermuda are known for being narrow, winding, and frequently featuring sharp turns. This raises concerns about the potential dangers posed to both motorists and pedestrians.

Bermuda does however allow electric car rentals to non residents. While this sounds great, let’s dig into this a little more as you might be surprised at the costs and vehicle types.

Renting Electric Cars in Bermuda


There are several different options electric cars to rent in Bermuda. Rugged Rentals, Bermuda car rentals, and Twizzy Rental car are three of the more popular options.

The availability of renting electric mini cars in Bermuda dates back to 2017. These compact vehicles, with either three or four wheels, serve as an excellent alternative for individuals who are not comfortable riding a scooter. It’s worth noting that electric rentals are quite small, so taller individuals over 6 feet in height should take that into consideration. There are two types of rentals available: side-by-side two-seaters and front-to-back seating arrangements. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that in Bermuda, driving is on the left side of the road.

While there are limited electric car rental companies in Bermuda, the do offer multiple rental locations. You can find rental cars from the airport, or find a Bermuda car rental near the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Click on the link to see which rental car location(s) work best for you.

Charging stations are few and far between. Current vehicles can use the two located in Hamilton a few blocks NW of Victoria Park. The one other one is located on the far NE corner of the Island close to Fort St. Catherine. Unfortunately there are none located by the famous Royal Naval Dockyard tourist attraction, which just so happens to be the farthest tip of the island in the opposite direction of the airport.

**Electric Car Rentals and Rates (these below rates were and possibly are still accurate, but for the most up to date information, please check with the specific rental company)**

Mini Car Rental Information:
All Drivers must be 25 years or older and have a valid Car Drivers License. The featured Bermuda rental car(s) below, offer a unique experience for touring the island. While they are made to fit two adults, we use that term loosely as both are quite tiny.

Anaig-Quick – Bermuda Car Rental

  • $115 per day

  • $40 Onetime fully charged – Third Party Risk Fee (Mandatory and Non-Refundable)

  • Optional $15 per day CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – Reduces liability of vehicle damage from whole vehicle replacement of $10,000 to $500. Maximum charge to customer is $500.00.

  • two adults sit front to back


Tazzari – Zero Junior – Bermuda Car Rental

  • $150 per day

  • $40 Onetime charge – Third Party Risk Fee (Mandatory and Non-Refundable)

  • Optional $25 per day CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – Reduces liability of vehicle damage from whole vehicle replacement of $20,000 to $2,000. Maximum charge to customer is $2,000.00.

  • two adults sit side by side

What do I do if I cannot rent a car?


We have compiled a list of several different options to get around Bermuda if you decide not to go with the electric car rentals for your trip.

Option 1: Renting Scooters or Mopeds

Unlock the freedom you desire by renting a scooter. Whether you’re skilled in riding mopeds or scooters, this option offers unparalleled flexibility. Numerous rental spots across the island provide these two-wheelers for your convenience. Moreover, certain rental agencies even offer delivery services to your hotel or cruise ship. You can find scooter rental outlets at both the cruise ship terminal in St. Georges, the airport, elbow beach cycles, or oleander cycles right next to the famous Cambridge beaches.

Option 2: Rent a Bicycle

Popularly referred to as “pedal bikes” by locals, bicycles can also be a fantastic choice. While the main roads with heavy traffic may not be ideal for biking, especially during peak office hours, there are several wonderful routes available that are relatively free of traffic. One such example is the Tribe roads, which offer a pleasant biking experience. Additionally, the Bermuda Railway trail features stretches perfect for cycling enthusiasts. Bike rentals can be found at the dockyard as well as various other locations across the island.

Option 3: Take a Taxi

If scooters aren’t your preference, there is a considerable selection of taxis available for private transportation. Interestingly, in Bermuda, taxis are permitted to offer island tours at an hourly rate. These specialized taxis, known as Blue Flag taxis, have taxi drivers who are certified tour guides, adding an enriching experience to your journey.

You will find a fair amount of taxis congregated in the capital of Hamilton. However, it’s usually no issue at all finding them at the airport, grotto bay beach resort, St George, or a ferry terminal. These drivers know the entire island well, and should have no problem getting you to restaurants, hotels, or one of the many ferries.

Option 4: Mini Bus

Minibus tours are an excellent choice for larger families or tour groups. There are dedicated operators who offer guided group tours on minibuses, typically charging on a per person basis. Additionally, many of these operators provide private charter services, allowing you to customize the tour according to your preferences. Generally, these tours require a group size of six persons or more, with a maximum capacity of 15 passengers.

Option 5: Taking Public Transportation (city bus)

If convenience and privacy are not your top concerns, then the public bus system is an excellent choice for travel. It is by far the most cost-effective means of transportation, second only to walking or cycling. The buses are equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable ride. With 11 bus routes extending to various destinations across Bermuda, most routes originate from Hamilton. Major tourist attractions such as the airport, cruise terminal, beach club, oasis points, and St. George are all well-connected by public buses.

For a more in-depth public bus routes including costs, click here.

Option 6: Taking the Public Ferries

Public ferries offer convenient and efficient transportation to various significant destinations, surpassing other land-based modes of travel. Several ferry routes connect multiple locations around the island with Hamilton. Notably, the dockyard-Hamilton and dockyard-St. George routes are regarded as the optimal means of transportation to and from these destinations.

One of the notable advantages of ferries is that the same transport passes used for public buses are also valid for ferry travel. By purchasing a transport pass book to save money, you can utilize the same book for ferry rides. Furthermore, ferries accept cash and token payments as well. Not only do ferries provide a convenient mode of transportation between stops, but they also offer a distinct perspective on the diverse islands comprising Bermuda.

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Bermuda Time?

When visiting Bermuda, you have various options to explore the island even if you decide not to rent a car. With reliable car rental Bermuda services, you can easily navigate the roads if you prefer. Alternatively, you can rely on the efficient public transportation system, conveniently accessing destinations like the Royal Naval Dockyard, beach clubs, and Front Street. For a unique and eco-friendly experience, electric mini cars offer a compact and comfortable mode of transportation with features like electric windows. To make your travels even more seamless, consider purchasing a transportation pass. With air-conditioned buses and ferries accommodating up to two passengers up to 20, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Bermuda hassle-free.